Donald Trump Jr. has managed to make a mockery of the liberal leftists by proposing as a joke that only Americans who are vaccinated against COVID-19 should be allowed to vote, with the liberals, who are always against voter IDs, loving the idea and the #VaxtoVote hashtag exploding on Twitter.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son hardly imagined that by seeking to ridicule the lefties he would set into motion an entire social media movement, naturally a highly flawed one of course, with delusional Democrat supporters insisting that a coronavirus vaccine be required for an American citizen to be able to exercise his or her constitutional right to vote.

Don’t mock the lefties, they mock themselves

Don Jr. just joked on Twitter that if somebody was to draft a bill to mandate that a vaccination card has to be presented in order to vote, the brain of everyone on the left would just “malfunction and explode” – and he slapped the #VaxtoVote hashtag on that.

His tweet was retweeted by the Democrat Super PAC “Really American”, causing countless liberal leftists who probably didn’t even read the name of the original author of the idea to fall in love with it right away.

And that against the backdrop of the overly adamant Democrat opposition any time somebody puts forth the socially and politically responsible idea of voter IDs.

Some states such as Georgia are actually just enacting that as a policy.

Liberal leftists seemed to be so enamored by the #VaxtoVote idea for a number of reasons not limited just to their eagerness to succumb to getting their bodies injected with whatever the government and big pharma might like to inject them with.

Jumping at the prospect of robbing your compatriots of their vote

For Democrat fans, one especially appealing aspect of the idea that started as a joke by Trump Jr. is the understanding that Democrat voters have substantially higher vaccination rates than conservative, Republican voters.

According to a recent poll by The Washington Post and ABC News, 47% of Republicans said they might not get vaccinated at all, with only 45% of them having received at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The number for the Democrats is 86%.

Thus, the power-greedy Democrats showed their eagerness to turn that into easy election wins, maybe without even resorting to the need of voter fraud – not to mention the added joy of stripping unvaccinated Republicans of their constitutional voting rights at the stroke of a pen.

As the #VaxtoVote hashtag went widely trending all over Twitter, Don Jr. lambasted the Democrat supporters for a jump to promote an idea – not to mention that it’s one started as a joke and does expose liberals’ hypocrisy on voter ID – which would rob a large number of Americans of their constitutional rights.

He exposed the left for its permanent crying foul over supposedly “racist” voting rights restrictions while now getting overexcited with a push to make vax cards a voting requirement – the totalitarian mob mentality at full force – as long as it serves the power greedy of the right – in that case, the left – side.

So Donald Trump Jr., a rising star in the American conservative movement, was exactly right in his original joking tweet: the heads of literally everybody on the left have “malfunctioned and exploded” because of duplicitous excitement at the imaginary prospect of a #VaxtoVote mandate.