Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has found an ingenious way to ridicule the absurdity of leftist House Speaker Nancy’s Pelosi’s needlessly draconian mask-wearing mandate for the US Capitol.

Killing two Democrat birds with one Republican stone, she also managed to use the same stunt to mock the Democrats’ aversion to walls, in particular, their disastrous decision to stop building the wall started by President Donald Trump on the US-Mexican border.

COVID Checkpoint Charlie to defy Capitol dictator Pelosi

On Friday, MTG went ahead and shrewdly installed an improvised COVID-19 checkpoint in the middle of the US Capitol Rotunda, separating the House side where Pelosi reigns like an leftist radical empress, and the Senate side.

Some have referred to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s fake barrier as a “COVID Checkpoint Charlie”, a reference to America’s world-famous Checkpoint Charlie between West Berlin and the Soviet-dominated communist East Berlin in Germany during the Cold War.

MTG, who has been one of the rising stars of the GOP since taking office in January largely thanks to her active stances and her proactiveness, posted on Twitter videos showing her bring people to safety by taking them from the House side of the Capitol, through the barrier, to the Senate side of the Capitol, where they would not be arrested for not wearing a mask as per Pelosi’s crazy, dictatorial mask mandate.

Through the new chief of the Capitol police, Pelosi decreed that all staffers and visitors of the Capitol could end up being arrested as if for unlawful entry if they get caught without a mask, citing the latest guidance of the CDC which recommended masks even for fully vaccinated people.

Members of Congress are the only ones exempt from arrests but they would still be subjected to reports to the House sergeant of arms under Pelosi’s order.

‘Pelosi will have you arrested!’

After setting up her improvised coronavirus checkpoint under the dome in the center of the Capitol, MTG made videos of helping people run away from Pelosi’s dictatorship and posted them on Twitter.

In one of the videos, she can be seen telling a couple, a man and a woman, to come over and that there is no COVID on that side, and they will not get arrested for taking off their masks.

She politely asks them if they would like to come in.

They confirm, and Taylor Greene lets them through, explaining that they are coming from the House side where Pelosi “will have you arrested,” while that wouldn’t happen on the Senate side of the US Capitol.

Somewhat later, MTG posted a video of Capitol security removing her makeshift barrier.

She declared that “Democrats really hate walls”, a seeming reference to the US-Mexican border wall terminated by the Biden administration, leading to a gigantic migrant border crisis which the leftists have no idea how to handle.

MTG concluded that apparently her COVID border checkpoint is especially hated by the Democrats.