New York State’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo harassed sexually multiple women, with 11 of those cases being confirmed, according to the newly released 165-page-report of the office of Letitia James, the NY Attorney General.

Cuomo’s administration has been really rattled by the constantly pouring in sexual harassment allegations over the recent months, piling on top of criticism for his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed a lot more lives in NY state nursery homes than was originally reported.

Groping staffer’s breasts under her blouse

According to the report released on Tuesday, from 2013 until 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo harassed sexually both current and former members of his staff, plus some women who were never part of his administration.

The report by the NY DA’s office includes interviews with a total of 179 people, among other material.

It is based on the claims of 11 different women.

Nine of those have worked for the New York Governor at some point in the past eight years, and some are still part of his administration.

Speaking about the report, James herself, who is also a Democrat, declared that it was “a sad day” for the state of New York since “independent investigators” concluded that the governor “broke the law” by harassing sexually “multiple women.”

Considering the level of hypocrisy within the liberal leftist Democratic Party, which typically involves lots and lots of cover-ups and duplicity, Cuomo must have really sinned too much in order to be exposed by his own.

The first of Cuomo’s victims to come forward with revelations about his predatory ways was Lindsey Boylan, a former staff member, who posted a Medium article in February about her experience.

Many of the 11 complainants accuse Cuomo of “inappropriate sexual comments” and “unwanted touching.”

One of the victims is an anonymous executive assistant who alleged that Cuomo groped her breast right under her blouse after inviting her to his residence, touched her butt numerous times, kissed her on the lips on at least one occasion, and asked her numerous times if she would cheat on her husband.

The other victims included two employees of state-affiliated entities and a New York state trooper as well as women named Alyssa McGrath, Charlotte Bennett, Ana Liss, a woman only mentioned as Kaitlin, and Virginia Limmiatis and Anna Ruch, two non-employees of Cuomo’s who alleged he touched them without their consent.

According to the independent investigators, all 11 of the complainants are credible, and their accusations were “very well corroborated.”

Just ‘not who I am!’

Regardless of the detailed evidence against him, produced on top of everything by members of his own party, New York’s disgraced Governor released a video address on Tuesday hours after the report, in which he once again adamantly and shameless denied everything.

Cuomo claimed that he “never touched anyone inappropriately” and never “made inappropriate sexual advances.”

His greatest and supposedly most “convincing” argument was that he is “63 years old”, has been in “public view” for a long time, and that just is “not who I am.”

And the public is supposed to buy that.

Although knowing the gullible nature of many of the Democrats’ voters, they might as well do that.

While the Democrats have gone out of their way to expose one of their own, they have still stuck to party discipline since NY AG James made it clear that the investigation in question has a civil character, and the report does carry any criminal consequences.

With that, and Cuomo’s unabashed, arrogant constant denying, it seems unlikely that he will be brought down or resign his post.

The man appears to have no shame or morals, and neither sexual harassment revelations nor numerous COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes can sway him.