Against the backdrop of the unprecedentedly monstrous illegal immigration crisis since Democrat Joe Biden entered the White House, his Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas still has the gut and the cheek to blame the mayhem caused by the Biden administration on President Donald Trump.

Never mind that under Trump, America’s border with Mexico was more secure than ever, and the completion of his border wall would have made it practically impenetrable by illegals and the Mexican drug clans controlling the rampant human trafficking.

Biden stopped the construction of the border wall immediately after occupying the White House, and the Democrats quickly wreaked havoc on America’s border security, with close to 200,000 illegal immigrants per month crossing the border wherever they wish in May and June, with their total number for the 2021 fiscal year already surpassing 1 million, and with more and more pouring in by the minute.

Pack of lies about Trump

Against this backdrop, any decent and honest person would have bowed their head in shame – but not the arrogant hacks from the Biden administration.

Speaking on MSNBC on Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, who is an oxymoron on his post considering how pro-illegal immigration he is, went all out on throwing all the blame on Trump.

Mayorkas shyly admitted that “we certainly have a challenge” on the US – Mexican border as he was answering questions from MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that were even remotely edgy.

He then went on a tirade lying that the Biden administration has inherited another administration that “dismantled our capabilities to address” the migrant crisis.

Mayorkas further insisted that now the Biden administration is building those “capabilities” “from the ground up.”

According to the HS Secretary, under Trump, the United States “lost four years of investing” in the source countries from where “these individuals are migrating” – imagine the Democrats’ logic that the American taxpayer is supposed to “invest” in other countries just so they can keep their own population happy and it wouldn’t want to decide to come over to America…

They have an evil plan and are executing it

Mayorkas then continued with pack of lies by stating “our safe and orderly systems” got “torn down” under Trump and “we’re now rebuilding them.”

He then added the revealing comment that “our plan is in place” – “and we’re executing it” – apparently, referring to a plan the Democrats have to flood the country with illegal immigrants in order to terrorize the decent American citizens and later turn them into their own voters so they can remain in power indefinitely by claiming a feudal monopoly over voters who are people of color.

Mayorkas wasn’t asked by Mitchell to offer his explanation as to how Trump succeeded in practically stopping the illegal immigrant influx.

But even he had been asked – Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary would have just spewed out more and more lies.

The liberal leftist Democrats appear undaunted by the prospects of overwhelming the country deliberately, as it seems to execute a plan to allow countless numbers of illegal immigrants, not to mention that this happens against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, which is being exacerbated by the illegals.

Yet, that is all but certain to blow into their cheeky, lying faces.