Exhibiting rare highs – or lows – even for the morally decrepit leftist establishment, Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor, has ignored completely the scandal about New York Governor Chris Cuomo as a bombshell report proved the latter has been sexually harassing women for nearly a decade.

As the shocking revelations from the report kept pouring in on Tuesday, Chris Cuomo live on CNN miserably failed to cover the biggest news story of the day, namely, the perverted debauchery of his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo, 13 years his senior.

‘Obviously’ can’t cover his older brother

The 165-page report presented by NY Attorney General, a fellow Democrat to the Cuomos, was compiled by independent investigators based on a total of 179 interviews, and detailed cases of Cuomo the Governor groping a total of 11 women since 2013 on a wide range of occasions.

None of that appears particularly intriguing to Cuomo the “journalist”, or, rather, the seemingly dishonest leftist propagandist.

In his low-rating CNN daily show, Chris Cuomo instead talked about COVID-19 as well as the Jan. 6 events at the US Capitol – far more appealing to his brainwashed minuscule leftist audience and to himself than the disgusting revelations about his governor brother’s sexual predator instincts.

Thus, the younger Cuomo in effect has been fulfilling his pledge that he made earlier this year not to cover events around his mischievous politician brother.

In order to save him from greater embarrassment and public awareness about his abuses.

Or because he was revealed to have advised his brother on his media strategy on how to beat the revelations?

Back on March 1, 2021, CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo gave a different reason – he can’t cover his brother’s abuses because… it’s his brother.

Back then he argued that – “obviously” he is aware of “what is going on” with his brother, and “obviously” isn’t covering it because they are related.

However, he insisted that CNN has been covering the Cuomo scandals “extensively” and “will continue to do so” – which, of course, hasn’t always been the case.

Telling your sexual predator big brother to ‘express contrition’

On Tuesday, Chris Cuomo made no mention whatsoever of his widely discredited brother.

The fact of the matter is, however, that the young Cuomo was also implicated in the scandal exposed by the bombshell investigation report.

It showed that he was in the “inner circles” of about a dozen advisers helping Andrew Cuomo with his “damage control” over the sexual harassment allegations, which first surfaced in February.

None of them was an employee of the state of New York.

According to the investigators, the Cuomo the Younger told Cuomo the Elder to “express contrition” over the claims after the second accuser, Charlotte Bennett, came forth in February.

Andrew Cuomo clearly took the advice – on February 27, he issued a press release declaring he hadn’t intended to act in any “inappropriate way.”

To be fair, CNN, even as the extremely biased propaganda machine that it is, didn’t ignore the Cuomo scandal.

Another leftist, wokeist CNN propagandist, Don Lemon, who came on the air right after Chris Cuomo, spewed out a rather impassionate tirade against the New York Governor.