Close to two-thirds of the residents of the state of New York wish to see their pervert Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo, ousted from office immediately after a special investigation authorized by the NY Attorney General found evidence he sexually harassed a total of 11 women since 2013.

Cuomo finally has got to go

A public opinion poll carried out by Marist Poll, whose results were released on Wednesday morning, shows that a whopping 59% of all New Yorkers say Cuomo ought to resign immediately, or, alternatively, that he should be impeached if he refuses to do so.

The poll was carried out among 614 New Yorkers and has a margin of error of 5.1%.

The group of those outraged by the lewd acts of the top-ranking, powerful Democrat, includes a majority – 52% - of registered Democratic voters in the state.

Only less than a third of all respondents in the poll said that Cuomo ought to remain in office to serve the remainder of his term until the end of 2022.

The snap poll was conducted just hours after the shocking 165-page report about Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment exploits was released on Tuesday.

The overwhelming document was compiled by independent investigators on the basis of a total of 179 interviews.

The investigation was commissioned by New York Attorney General, Letitia James, a fellow Democrat to Cuomo after several women came forward with sexual harassment allegations in recent months since February.

Most of the 11 women who were sexually harassed by the depraved and morally deprived New York Governor were current or former employees of his administration, the state, or its contractors.

Two of his victims were outsiders to the state authority.

In the most egregious of the described cases, the love-seeking, perfidious, and highly duplicitous establishment Democrat went under the blouse of one of the victims and groped her breasts.

New York’s tradition of lewd Democrat governors

Impudent and arrogant beyond proportion, Cuomo was quick to give a video address after the report was released, in which he shamelessly denied all sexual harassment claims.

In his defense in the past few months, the scandalous Governor of New York has been aided by his younger brother, CNN propagandist Chris Cuomo, and about a dozen well-paid PR experts and Democratic Party strategists.

The release of the bombshell report led to numerous calls upon Cuomo to resign as Governor, including from top-ranking Democrats such as President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The NY Attorney General made it clear that the investigation was not criminal in nature.

However, according to the poll results, 44% of the respondents are convinced that the pervert Cuomo broke the law, while a third say what he did was unethical, though not illegal.

Just 7% of the respondents, perhaps diehard Cuomo Democrat fans, are of the opinion that he didn’t do anything wrong.

The last time a governor of the state of New York resigned was in early 2008 when another Democrat, Elliot Spitzer, was also forced to step down over sexual “exploits.”

He admitted to engaging in extramarital affairs with sex workers.

The last time a governor of New York was impeached and removed was more than a century ago.

If Cuomo is ousted, he will be succeeded by New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, who will become the first woman governor of the state.