Kate Coyne-McCoy, the strategist of the Democratic Party in the state of Rhode Island, has caused a public outcry even amid her own lefty kind, with a tweet making clear she hopes that GOP Senator Lindsey Graham dies of COVID-19.

Coyne-McCoy’s death wishing is a perfect example of how the leftist totalitarians treat those who disagree with them: not as political opponents to be respected and fairly competed with but as political enemies who’d better be exterminated.

That is, of course, a film the world has already seen in recent as well as current history, with various kinds of communist, leftist, and Marxist regimes slaughtering anybody who dares to disagree, or just anybody at will.

Occasionally, some of the lefty comrades would demonstrate some decency here and there, as in this particular case, in which even the Rhode Island political action committee of Black Lives Matter has called for Coyne-McCoy’s resignation.

Of course, we shouldn’t read too much into that because a recent statement from the national organization of BLM, a notoriously Marxist entity condoning violence, made it clear it favors the murderous regime of the Castros in Cuba and hates the United States.

‘Hope he dies, asking for a friend’

As news broke that Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina and a very close ally of President Donald Trump, has tested positive for COVID-19, the Democrats’ strategist in Rhode Island Coyne-McCoy sent out a very disturbing tweet.

On Tuesday, she tweeted a rhetorical question whether it’s “wrong to hope he dies” of the coronavirus, and added that she was “asking for a friend.”

The backlash to her evil wish was rather swift from both sides of the aisle, leading her to delete the tweet, and to post another one as an apology, stating she “made a mistake” and “used poor judgment” which she regrets.

The Rhode Island Republicans naturally called for Coyne-McCoy’s “immediate resignation” in the words of Sue Cienki, the RI Republican Party chairwoman, as cited by The Providence Journal.

‘Blatant disregard for human life’

Even the local BLM PAC considered Coyne-McCoy’s wishing for Lindsey Graham’s death to be too excessive, so it declared her comment “extremely distasteful and insensitive.”

The BLM PAC stated that it views “disregard for human life” as unacceptable, “regardless of political affiliation.”

It added that Coyne-McCoy apparently cannot be trusted “with the will of RI voters” because she had demonstrated “such blatant disregard” for a person’s life.

Interestingly, the same group also told Fox News about a similar death wishing tweet posted by Coyne-McCoy in March 2020 in reaction to a photo showing President Donald Trump with his inner circle and a commentary by CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart.

The comment lamented the lack of social distancing by the country’s leadership in the early stage so the pandemic.

To that, RI Democrat strategist Coyne-McCoy reacted by stating that she was “not proud” of it but her “gut reaction” is to “hope they all die.”

According to the report by The Province Journal it is not impossible that Coyne-McCoy might get to keep her job, citing an email sent to it by Joseph Shekarchi, the RI House Speaker, stating that Coyne-McCoy is already “extremely remorseful” and it was a good thing that “she apologized.”