After the Center for Disease Control and Prevention last week recommended that all, even fully vaccinated individuals, start once again wearing masks, the top radical leftists from the Democratic Party have been going berserk in their public appearances, ready to rip apart anybody who might disagree with them.

Democratic officials such as governors and mayors – not to mention the infamous leftist empress of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, have been rushing to impose on the American people radical mask mandates only to violate them themselves.

Pelosi was caught on video breaking her own mask mandate twice on its first day, and so was Muriel Bowser, the notorious Democrat mayor of Washington, DC.

The mask as a photograph accessory

Now it’s AOC’s turn to show off her brazen hypocrisy.

The Democrat Rep. from New York, and perhaps the most vocal spearhead of radical leftist Marxism in the US Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was filmed putting on her COVID-19 mask for a photo op and then removing it shortly afterward while hanging out with an entire crowd of maskless, and apparently clueless Democrat supporters.

The video which was shared on Twitter by Breitbart News went viral immediately.

It was taken on Monday as feisty young Marxist lefties flocked to the stairs of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, in order to protest against the failure of the Biden administration and the Democrat-dominated Congress to pass an extension of the pandemic eviction moratorium.

The entire crowd that can be seen around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez follows her lead – nobody is wearing a mask even though they are sitting on the Capitol stairs and are packed pretty tightly together.

AOC and the crowd are joined by another deplorable progressive, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA).

Ocasio-Cortez put on her mask right before the taking of the photo, and only one other person in the crowd, a woman sitting a couple of rows up, followed suit.

Markey also sat down and put on a mask.

He took it down right after the photo, whereas AOC could be seen without the mask a minute later – she probably did exactly the same immediately.

House and whiskey

As the picture was being taken, the crowd shouts, “Housing is a human right.”

At that point, somebody also urges, “Everybody say ‘whiskey,’” causing Markey to pull down his mask and start laughing.

While Markey’s mask was only pulled down on his chin, exposing his nose and mouth, AOC ditched her mask entirely.

And she might as well have since – once again – the entire crowd of housing-conscious young Democrats isn’t wearing any masks whatsoever.

At least, they weren’t as hypocritical as their elected members of Congress, AOC, and Markey who explicitly put on their masks just to be photographed with them.