Former Democrat Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been Joe Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate, might be doing a lot more harm than good, if any, to the environment, as his family’s private jet seems to be flying all the time.

Exhibiting by default the world-famous hypocrisy that is the Democrats’ trademark, especially the environmentally conscious Democrats who whine the entire time about global warming, Biden’s climate czar and his family are enjoying the comfort of private jets which are horrendous for the environment.

‘Win this battle!’

In the six months since Kerry became Biden’s envoy for climate, the Kerrys’ jet took a total of 16 flights this year, based on information obtained from Flight Aware.

So instead of actually reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases – whether those do in fact cause “global warming” or not – the failed former Democratic presidential candidate might be increasing them.

Many of the flights in question were performed inside the state of Massachusetts, including Boston International Airport and Martha’s Vineyard Island, and at least two of them were between Massachusetts and the state of New Jersey.

A Kerry spokesperson insisted to Fox News that in his role of climate envoy, Kerry actually travels either via military air or commercially.

In a video that surfaced earlier this early, Kerry could be heard mounting a defense of flying by private jet to a 2019 ceremony in Iceland in which he received an environmental award.

He insisted that private flying was his “only choice” since he is “traveling the world” in order to “win this battle” – which might as well be the battle against inconvenient commercial air travel.

There have been recent reports that Kerry is flying commercial for some of his commitments as Biden’s climate envoy, in which case the responsibility for the private jet hypocrisy would fall on his family members.

Who does the private jet flying?

According to Fox News, it remains unclear who charters the private jet flights.

Thus, while in April Kerry was abroad on a foreign trip, the jet in question traveled from Idaho to Boston.

Other logs showed multiple flights between Idaho and Massachusetts, Kerry’s home state, and some to California.

A last year’s report by the Idaho Press revealed that John Kerry and his wife Teresa are part-time residents of Idaho’s Sun Valley – so the private jet flights in question might be connected with that.

Private jets emit exceed more than 40 times the per-passenger emissions of commercial flights, and in past comments, Kerry once said he was offsetting his emissions but didn’t specify how.

Overall, based on the flight logs, the Kerry family’s jet spent more than 20 hours in the air between February 2020 and January 2021 – which amounts to some 116 metric tons of carbon emissions.

With such climate czars and friends as the Kerry family, the environment will have a hard time seeing reduced carbon emissions, that is for sure.