The MeToo movement, which has ruined the lives of a lot of good men with groundless accusations – even if it did get to some sexual predator scumbags, has been a particularly duplicitous affair riddled with arbitrariness, online vigilante “justice”, and “cancel culture” mob violence.

The new bombshell report by the office of the New York Attorney General about the sexual harassment “exploits” of NY’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is filled with highly revealing evidence of the scamming nature of much of the MeToo movement, as two prominent women advocates for its cause have been disclosed as helping Cuomo to attack and thus discredit one of his victim accusers.

According to the shocking 165-page report, for which a whopping total of 179 people were interviewed, Cuomo harassed sexually at least 11 women since 2013 with various groping incidents and pervert innuendos.

Me, too, is a sick hypocrite!

The two high-profile proponents who eagerly helped the predatory love-searching Cuomo to cover up his shameful acts are attorney Roberta Kaplan and Tima Tchen.

According to the report presented by NY DA Letitia James, Kaplan and Chen were part of a group of helpers who aided Cuomo with the drafting of a letter designed to attack Lindsey Boylan, the governor’s first accuser, over her allegations.

The letter in question sought to deny Boylan’s legitimacy, discredit her credibility, and presented her allegations as politically motivated – i.e. connected with supporters of President Donald Trump and a politician said to be interested in becoming governor of New York.

Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, contacted Roberta Kaplan to ask her for advice about the letter.

Kaplan took the letter to Times Up head Tina Tchen, and both considered it to be “fine” with the exception of comments on Boylan’s interaction with men she worked with.

Ultimately, the letter put together in December 2020 was never released because Cuomo’s entire team considered it “a bad idea” deeming it to constitute victim shaming and vengeance – unlike Kaplan and Tchen, the MeToo women’s rights champions.

Shortly after the emergence of the NY AG’s report on Cuomo’s sexual harassment actions, a Times Up spokesperson put out a statement seeking to dilute and blur Tchen and Kaplan’s guilt for going precisely against their pronounced principles as part of MeToo.

The statement tells the nice story of how Time’s Up worked with NY Governor Cuomo on its NY Safety Agenda in 2019.

Lie and ‘acknowledge the experiences of women’

It claims that as in December 2020, Tina Tchen was asked for her “perspective” regarding a “public reaction” to Boylan’s claims, she made no recommendations whatsoever, and just shared the typical stance of her organization – namely, that a potential response from, as it is now certain, sexual predator Andrew Cuomo had to “acknowledge the experiences of the women” who revealed their stories.

According to the statement, Tchen recommended that the women in question should not be shamed or discredited.

Considering what exactly Tchen and Kaplan did and said, as revealed by the special investigation report, the shameless lies of their Time’s Up organization are just unbelievable – advocates for the rights of women victims of sexual harassment and violence are going out of their way to defend a victimizer and tell him how to smear the victims!

It should be noted, though, who exactly Tina Tchen is: a former assistant to President Barack Obama and former Chief of Staff for First Lady Michelle Obama.

So much for the integrity of MeToo – which, as suspected from the very beginning – has been just another tool to inflict damage on those that one hates – and has hardly come anywhere near advancing its self-proclaimed lofty ideals – but has created lots of fear, distrust, lies, and ruin.