Yesterday, on July 29, Joe Biden made one more of his typically brief and generally pre-scripted appearances before the press — this time to officially announce his administration’s new vaccination and masking mandates. In short, all federal employees will henceforth either have to prove that they have been vaccinated, or, if they do not, they will be required to wear masks, will face travel restrictions and will be made to submit to periodic COVID testing.

And as a further indicator of the administration’s desperation in pushing the vaccine, they will also be encouraging localities to pay $100 to those who agree to get vaccinated.

As you might expect, Biden’s brief appearance did not go well.

Whenever Biden goes off script — which is quite often — he either begins mumbling incoherently and losing his place or he gets irritated and begins snapping at reporters.

Yesterday, the latter happened.

Grandpa Joe Snaps

Peter Doocy is about the only reporter left who even bothers to ask the Biden team any serious questions anymore. Of course, there are other journalists who could also do that job, but they are generally not being allowed anywhere near Biden or any of his major officials.

Doocy is being used as the token conservative gadfly. The Biden team knows that by allowing one conservative reporter to get some questions in, it can adopt the posture that it is fairly responding to all questions.

And as Biden was leaving the press event, Doocy asked him why he is now requiring people — even vaccinated people — to wear masks again if, earlier, Biden said that the vaccine would be the ticket to ending mask mandates.

Biden’s initial knee-jerk response was to blatantly lie that he had never said any such thing. When Doocy pointed out that Biden did indeed say so in May, Biden snapped at Doocy and accidentally said the quiet part out loud: He said that it was “true at the time” that being vaccinated would no longer require you to wear a mask.

Is this an admission of something that everyone already knows, that the Biden Administration’s mandates are totally arbitrary, completely unmoored from reality and subjected to change at any time?

Biden’s brief press conference itself was not encouraging either. While speaking, he referred to Fox News as “Fax News,” and he also showed up without a mask, blatantly ignoring his own new mandate.

People are starting to see that they’re being had.