Are you the kind of pal looking for an uninspiring career opportunity to spew out vile radical leftist propaganda on a daily basis?

If you are, CNN is a great career choice for you.

And it is just perfect for you if you are:

A) a liberal lefty legal analyst masturbating live on Zoom with former colleagues, making sure to show his penis;

B) the brother of a sexual predator state governor advising him how to silence his victims.

However, you are a low-level guy who just walks around unvaccinated for COVID-19, you are screwed.

CNN would ax you right away.

And so it has: the liberal leftist propaganda network, more specifically, its repugnant president, Jeff Zucker, has fired three employees who showed up at a CNN office unvaccinated.

A sad, clueless leftist propaganda machine

Now, taking into account that CNN is now more clueless and sadder than ever simply because for the past five years it was obsessed with removing President Donald Trump from office.

It’s been six months now since the White House has been occupied by seemingly senile Sleepy Joe Biden and CNN still has no idea what to do – other than blurt out some lackluster lefty brainwashing nonsense.

And fire unvaccinated employees apparently – while keeping its host Chris Cuomo who has officially been revealed to have advised his sexual predator brother, New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, on how to react to the revelations by his victims – as per a shocking, bombshell report by the Office of the NY Attorney General.

And while also keeping, or, rather, rehiring its legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin as he was seen masturbating – actually his penis was seen – during a Zoom call with former colleagues from The New Yorker.

The axing of the three unvaccinated CNN employees was first reported by The New York Times – another pillar of radical leftism – so it was sort of friendly fire.

A NYT correspondent got his hands on an internal CNN memo sent out by CNN president Zucker to employees on Thursday.

The report doesn’t make it clear where the three unvaccinated staffers were axed as CNN has a headquarters in Atlanta plus 16 offices in seven countries.

CNN’s “honor system”

The memo reveals that the leftist network has had an “honor system”, under which employees have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be able to work in an office or in the field.

In it, Zucker states that the trio were “terminated” and he has a “zero-tolerance policy” about vaccinations.

He also tells employees that they will have to show evidence of vaccination during the upcoming weeks when going to work.

Volumes upon volumes may be written about liberal leftist hypocrisy.

Indeed, if there is a single thing in which the liberal left specializes – it’s just that: hypocrisy and duplicitous lies, and professional double standards.

Lack of vaccination is apparently at the top of CNN’s list of vices and sin – whereas jerking off live in front of colleagues and aiding your corrupt and depraved politician brother crush his sex victims must be really at the bottom.

Or, rather, those are probably at the top of the CNN list of virtues.

They are probably cornerstones in CNN’s “honor” system.

And Jeff Zucker’s oily grin will probably commend you for them.