Considering how he has been coming off over the years, and especially in recent months, as bizarre, perverted, and senile thanks to his various comments and actions, Democrat President Joe Biden really isn’t supposed to take any risks and try to make jokes or comment on a little girl’s crossed legs.

And yet, in spite of his old age and numerous watchers, he keeps being “on fire” as far as embarrassing himself is concerned.

Of course, he also embarrasses the US government and the American republic when doing that but the American haters that they are, the liberal leftists aren’t concerned over that.

Using COVID-19 to attack your political opponents

On Thursday, Biden – the unpopular, possibly highly corrupt (as his son Hunter’s dealings seem to imply), duplicitous, potentially senile leftist – tried to take on the popular, energetic, pro-active, and highly sensible Florida Governor, Republican Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has enjoyed high rates of approval thanks to his patriotic, conservative policies in the state.

The White House has recently taken advantage of the growing number of coronavirus infections caused by the Indian delta variant in order to try to slander and smear DeSantis, who some rightfully view as a potential presidential candidate further down the road.

After earlier this week, Biden criticized maybe the two most popular Republican state governors – and maybe the two most popular of all state governors at present, Florida’s DeSantis and Greg Abbott of Texas over the rising COVID-19 infections in their states, DeSantis simply destroyed him when he hit back.

The Florida governor told Biden not to dare even speak about the coronavirus until he has done his job and has secured the US-Mexican border.

DeSantis rightfully emphasized that Biden and the Democrats are letting all sorts of COVID-19 variants right into the United States by leaving hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross the border at will.

Joke or senility?

Enter Joe Biden’s botched joke response which has made him appear even more senile than he already does.

As a reporter on Thursday asked him about his verbal crossfire with Governor DeSantis, Biden tried to disparage him.

“Governor who…(?)” Biden just said in response and then began chuckling.

Of course, considering the numerous demonstrations of seeming senility on his part in the past few months alone, his brief remark followed by a chuckle might not be the witty rhetorical question to disparage DeSantis that the mainstream media portray it to be.

Instead, it might well be a case of Biden once again losing his thoughts and just wondering who DeSantis really is.

And the mindless chuckle that followed – well, that might be just that and nothing else, a mindless chuckle.

It has to be noted how deplorable and petty it seems on part of the Democrat rulers of the federal government and Congress at present to use the tragedy of COVID-19 infections to attack the people they see as threats to their being drunk with power such as Ron DeSantis.

And that is against the backdrop of DeSantis’ really civil tone and his going across the aisle to support bipartisan cooperation among the state and federal institutions during the response to the tragedy with the Surfside condo collapse.

Back then, the Florida governor even praised Biden for the assistance that the relief effort received from the federal government.

And now the latter is wondering who DeSantis is – either as an insipid joke or as another showing of senile memory loss.