Some news stories about the blatant, shameless, brazen impudence of the Democrats and especially their progressivist, radical left Stalinist-Maoist wing are really hard to be started simply because they can easily leave the writer utterly speechless.

Until they eventually manage to get over themselves to try to convey at least a tiny particle of the hellish monstrosity that the Marxists trying to completely conquer and subdue America are standing for, and shoving in the face of decent, law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens.

I’m spending $200,000 of your money on my security, and defund the police has to happen!!!

Apparently, right now the members of the radical leftist, communist Squad in the Democratic Party are in a competition as to who is more repugnant over who.

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri has just made a powerful step for coming on top by demonstrating a horrendous sense of entitlement as she sinfully declared that she is just too important and therefore must spend $200,000 dollars of taxpayer money on her security because she is in Congress to defund the police!

Cori Bush’s oxymoronic shameless is truly gut-wrenching to watch, and it really throws you off when start wondering about her lack of very basic human decency and honesty, and the fact that she isn’t even trying to cover this up, or somehow whitewash her hypocrisy.

Instead, she demonstrates that she’s lost all sense of shame, if she even had it in the first place, and is throwing her entitlement and self-proclaimed self-importance in everyone’s faces.

Her shocking entitlement statement – where she is entitled to lavish government funding for private security while striving to rob the American public of the law enforcement from their government – was made on Thursday in an interview outside the US Capitol in Washington.

In it, Cori Bush declared that she was “going to make sure” she has security because there have been “attempts” on her life – and also because she has “too much work to do here” – such as boosting lawlessness by defunding the police, apparently.

She brazenly adds that she has “too many people” to her for her “to allow that,” i.e. to allow attempts on her life, apparently.

So even if she does end up “spending $200,000” or more “on it”, that would be a small price to pay because she gets to “be here to do the work.”

Then the high-esteemed Cori Bush shocking adds in the next sentence that “defunding the police has to happen”!

And tells the American public to “suck it up.”

In her words, “we need to defund” the police and then use the money in question for “social safety nets.”

So there you have it, folks!

Defund the police has to happen.

It just has to.


So that Nazi-style Antifa terrorists can beat everyone in the streets into embracing transgenderism and surrendering your kids to their lewd sicko transgenderist perversions for them to enjoy.

Or to “empower” BLM thugs to loot and burn and terrorize people at will.

Oh, and also so that serving the nation is destroyed as a notion, and the likes of Cori Bush, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib to snatch the whole power and expunge America from the face of the earth by setting up a Stalinist-Maoist or Maoist-Stalinist dictatorship (depending on the semantics).

‘Would you rather me die?!?!”

Then the wannabe future Stalins and Maos of the United States love to play the victim card all the time at this stage of their budding dictatorial hopes.

Thus, Cori Bush, who spent a whopping almost $70,000 of public money on “security services” in just two and a half months, between April 15 and June 28, as Federal Election Commission findings reveal, then went on a rant asking the reporter if they wanted her to die.

She kept repeating – “would you rather me die?”

Seriously, that’s all she could say in the next several sentences.

Such an arrogant cheap manipulation must never be allowed to fly by the American public – because otherwise, the nation will descend into chaos, lawlessness, and terrorism, while the hyper-privileged Marxists on top will just look down on us and laugh mightily at the success of their evil plan.