The anti-American radical Marxist left would do all it can – regardless of how immoral and dishonest it might be – in order to advance its perfidious, evil goals of destroying American freedoms and values – and America as we know it itself.

That is why the radical leftist-progressivist Marxists have been declaring everything to be “racist” – from every single white man, woman, child, and fetus – to nature and giant boulders.

And that is also why the progressivist America-hating Marxists love to play the victim – never mind if it is under false pretexts – as it usually is.

In fact, they probably feel even better when that is the case – after all, a true charlatan lives for successful deception.

And a true Marxist lives for successful deception, subversion, and destruction.

Time and again, when it comes to not just being a hypocritical political quack but also to being just unbelievably full of (s*)it: enter AOC.

AOC is certain ‘violence’ against her would be ‘sexualized.’

And she wasn’t even there

The bloodthirsty sword of the progressivist duplicity and deception, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has now declared in a “moving” interview for CNN, of course, that on January 6, she was scared to death that the Capitol rioters would rape and kill her (perhaps in that order, or not).

The trick is that on January 6, 2021, she wasn’t even inside the US Capitol, and never really came close to the “rioters.”

But, hey, that doesn’t prevent one from “fearing” for their life, right.

One can be in Portland, Oregon, and fear the Indonesian volcanoes (while also not fearing the defunding of the police and being oblivious to the rapid descent into lawlessness).

Or maybe AOC wasn’t even afraid of any rapes and murders at the time – maybe she just made that up seven months later to use the liberal leftist radicalism’s propaganda loudspeaker that is CNN.

In the interview aired on Monday, the CNN interviewee, Dana Bash, actually explicitly had to go in and set AOC up for her answer: she asked the obnoxious progressivist whether she feared not just being killed but also raped.

Why AOC and CNN thought it was a good idea to insert an explicit sexual connotation among the latter’s alleged Jan. 6 fears is a question beyond the imagination of decent, patriotic, law-abiding Americans.

“Yeah, I thought I was,” AOC responded noddingly.

Then she went on a spittle-emitting offensive, declaring that she would have been raped because of the nature of “white supremacy” and “patriarchy” and the “sexualizing of violence” – what a sly approach to “crushing” your imagined ideological enemy, we probably should admire her perfidiousness.

Or one can just imagine how AOC would have felt if she was caught by some “rioters” and there was no raping and “sexualized violence.”

She further impudently insisted that “misogyny and racism” “animated” the “attack on the Capitol.”

AOC’s account of the rape and murder threat she faced on Jan. 6, however, was quickly debunked by House Republicans.

It turns out that at the time of the Capitol events she was in her own office in the Cannon Office Building, some 0.3 miles away from the Capitol.

The building in question was evacuated by was never breached.

The pathology: progressivist, Marxist narcissism

Major right-wing pundits – including Candace Owens, Jack Posobiec, and Tucker Carlson – exposed and mocked AOC of clearly exaggerating the account of her Jan. 6 experience.

Carlson in particular was especially scathing of Ocasio-Cortez’s delusional narcissism as she once again raised “the only subject she cares about”, namely “herself.”

Posobiec in turn wrote on Twitter that “maps cut through rhetoric” as AOC was nowhere near the Capitol on Jan 6.

Candace Owens also ripped AOC for her drama playing.

Owens said she lives a few blocks away from the Capitol and that Ted Cruz “tried to murder me, too” – ridiculing Ocasio-Cortez’s ridiculous claims.

After the rape and murder fears even though she wasn’t present, the American public may only be left to wonder what else radical Marxist narcissist AOC will come up with next.