As expected, seemingly senile Democrat President Joe Biden’s recent comment in which he tried to disparage Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis has backfired in yet another political PR disaster for the occupant of the White House.

Even though DeSantis has been extremely civil to the Biden and his clearly incompetent and increasingly more radical leftist administration – including by praising the Democrat president over the federal government’s aid in tackling the Surfside condo collapse, the White House and Biden himself have been attacking the Florida governor, apparently fearing his skyrocketing popularity.

What else has Biden forgotten?

The current crossfire began when DeSantis responded to the White House attacks over the growing number of COVID-19 infections by deservedly scolding Biden for all of the world’s coronavirus variants through the completely open border with Mexico.

It was in response to this criticism that Biden asked, “Governor who?” in response to a reporter’s question and chuckled to try to disparage DeSantis – although both question and the mindless chuckle might as well be another sign of his deteriorating senility.

Florida’s Republican governor has once again reacted with wittiness, wisdom, and dignity – and has completely annihilated Biden’s political credibility – not that he has ever had any anyway – neither as a White House occupant nor before that.

At a press conference in Florida, DeSantis simply stood up and stated he was “not surprised” that Biden “doesn’t remember” – because the question is “what else has he forgotten?”

That seems like two-pronged poking at Biden for both his worsening signs of senility and his utter fiascos in all major policy areas.

DeSantis then emphasized how Biden seems to have forgotten about the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border.

He also accused the Democrat president of forgetting about the inflation situation “biting the budget of families” around the country.

The Florida governor added that Biden has apparently forgotten about the freedom-fighting anti-regime demonstrators in Cuba.

And he has forgotten “the Constitution itself” – as was demonstrated with his renewed evictions moratorium, which, as per the court ruling, could only be extended by Congress, not by a government agency such as the CDC.

“I’m standing in your way”

DeSantis further eloquently defended himself as “the governor” protecting parents and their right of choice about the education of their children – and who is responsible before the people of Florida, and not before “bureaucrats in Washington.”

He stated proudly that if somebody is trying to come after the rights and jobs and livelihoods of the people of Florida, “I’m standing in your way” – which is well known to have been the case.

Clearly, neither Biden, nor his wretched White House bureaucrats such as Jen Psaki are any match for DeSantis – rhetorically, politically, or in terms of political action, decisiveness, and success.