After the recent special investigation report by the officer of fellow Democrat Letitia James, the NY Attorney General, has exposed New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo for what he is – a lying sexual predator going around groping women from a position of power, the pervert is now getting abandoned by his top aide, Melissa DeRosa.

38-year-old DeRosa – who has been described as a “mean”, “heartless”, and overall horrible person by colleagues – formally announced on Sunday evening her quitting the position of Secretary to the Governor of the state of New York.

The post in question is deemed to be that of the most powerful appointed official in New York, and she has held it since 2013, when she became the first woman to do so.

‘Trying’ past 2 years of covering up Cuomo’s sexual crimes

DeRosa’s quitting appears precisely like a rat abandoning a sinking ship – since Cuomo himself shamelessly and sinfully continues to adamantly deny any wrongdoing and to reject mounting calls to resign – including from Democrat President Joe Biden.

According to the 165-page investigation report, which is based on interviews with a total of 179 people, DeRosa included, Cuomo harassed sexually a total of 11 women since 2013.

Being one of his closest aides ever, DeRosa has participated in Cuomo’s informal team of advisers, Democrat strategists, PR experts, including his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, and the duplicitous MeToo activists from the Time’s Up group, which has worked to smear the pervert Governor’s accusers and cover up his sexual harassment “exploits.”

In her resignation announcement, Melissa DeRosa made no mention whatsoever of Cuomo himself.

Instead, she hypocritically declared that it was “the greatest honor” of her life to serve New York state’s residents.

An especially telling part of her message is that the past couple of years were “emotionally and mentally trying” for her – and they must have been – considering she was most likely aware of Cuomo’s groping of various women and helping him cover that up.

It must have been “trying” to cover up Cuomo’s sexual crimes.

That is not even to mention the other perhaps even bigger scandal engulfing Cuomo’s NY administration in those past two years – namely, the scandal with the hidden COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes.

However, on that count, the state’s Democrat institutions decided he doesn’t have to be indicted.

While she was previously extremely proactive as Cuomo’s lap bureaucrat, his top aide DeRosa has been notably silent since the bombshell sexual harassment report.

The last public statement she made before her resignation was on August 3, the day of the report release, when she reposted on Twitter the 15-minute video packed with Cuomo’s lies in which he reacted to the investigation.

‘Ruthless, Heartless, Evil’

According to The City NY reporter Josefa Velasquez, Cuomo and his aides have been attempting to strike a deal with top state offices under which he wouldn’t run for a fourth term if they let it go and don’t initiate an impeachment – luckily to absolutely no avail, as even two-faced Democrats have now made it clear that he either quits, or is getting impeached.

Meanwhile, DeRosa’s current and former colleagues have lambasted her as outrightly evil, brutal careerist, according to media reports.

The New York Post quoted a former NY Executive Chamber official and a former Cuomo staffer, speaking anonymously, as stating that she is a “ruthless, heartless, evil human being,” who will now “experience the fruits” of her ruthlessness.

Sexual predator Cuomo himself is said to have referred to his top aide DeRosa as a “mean girl.”

Hopefully, after ruining so many lives in the state of New York both Cuomo and his mean girl are now getting what they deserve.