The Republican Party in California has agreed not to endorse any of the four leading GOP candidates to unseat the state’s abysmal Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election on September 14.

The recall ballot will pose two questions to California voters: first, whether they wish Newsom to be recalled, and, second, who should replace him.

If the vote in favor of a recall is higher than 50%, then the new governor would be the candidate with the highest number of votes on the second question.

‘Can’t afford to discourage’ voters

The delegates of the California Republican Party on Saturday morning voted during a virtual meeting to withhold an endorsement as a way of increasing the chances to unseat Newsom.

A majority of “nearly 90 percent” of the delegates backed the decision, after the previous day two influential GOP figures in the state called upon them not to endorse a candidate.

The GOP delegates thus heeded to the call issued by Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon, members of the Republican National Committee, who sent them an email on the endorsement decision.

Steel and Dhillon stressed that the recall election “is in a statistical tie”, according to the polls, which is why “we cannot afford to discourage” any voters who might be “passionate about a particular candidate” but who might refuse to vote in case their preferred candidate isn’t the recipient of the party endorsement.

The four Republicans, who are the leading contenders for the job of the failed Democrat, are Larry Elder, the conservative radio talk show host; Kevin Kiley, a state assemblyman; Kevin Faulconer, former Mayor of San Diego; and Doug Ose, a former member of the US Congress.

Steel and Dhillon urged the California Republican delegates to table the endorsement issue from the agenda so that none of the GOP bidders would be favored.

The two RNC members declared that “any” of the Republican candidates would clearly “be superior to Gavin Newsom” as governor of California.

They argued that the decision not to endorse any of the four is going to boost the election turnout in California while also increasing the chances for the 2022 reelection of the GOP candidate who might succeed Newsom.

‘The worst governor’ in California’s history

Jessica Millan, the chairwoman of the California GOP, issued a statement after the “no endorsement” decision of the party delegates, further explaining its advantages.

She said the “overwhelming decision” to give no endorsement in fact “speaks to the strength” of the field of Republican candidates as the GOP is going into the recall election.

Millan stressed that the California Republican Party is fully focused on helping the most populous US state get back on its feet by removing “the worst governor in California history.”

She added that “the state is burning”, and described crime as “spiking,” homelessness as “rampant,” students as having “fallen behind,” while “taxes are suffocating.”

The GOP chairwoman in the state truthfully and succinctly described Newsom as “arrogant, incompetent and a desperate politician”, and one who “failed Californians in every way possible.”