Former Democrat President Barack Obama really did it – he held a 60th birthday party for himself, which was both lavish and crowded, against the backdrop of a pandemic situation in which both COVID-19 cases are spiking and countless Americans are struggling financially.

And not only did he do it in a highly obnoxious manner, but there are now those from the leftist propaganda of the mainstream media who jump before barrels of criticism guns immediately to defend and justify what he did.

‘Sophisticated, vaccinated crowd’

Naturally, one of the most unabashed, and seemingly devoid of morals, defender of Obama’s “bash” is a reporter for The New York Times, Annie Karni.

Karni, the NYT’s White House correspondent told her colleagues from another top pillar of radical leftist and Marxist propaganda in America, CNN, that Obama’s wealthy birthday party was an event with a low COVID risk thanks to the fact that it was attended by a “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.”

Obama’s party indeed was packed with celebrities such as Hollywood movie stars and singers but to call them “sophisticated” would be criminal – considering that, not unlike their former Democrat President friend – they deemed it a great idea to go to a crowded luxury place while the nation keeps getting rattled by the pandemic and hundreds of millions of Americans are plagued with financial insecurity.

That isn’t even to mention that some of the party guests didn’t prove very conscious and/or intelligent as they leaked photos and videos of the crowded, lavish event on social media – thus exposing that it was both of those things – and were then forced to delete them by Obama’s people.

Perhaps the Obamas and their buddies aren’t that devoid of shame and guilt after all – they did try to hide the lavishness and the crowd of their party from “the masses” of the regular populace.

As far as the second epithet for the Obama crowd is concerned – “vaccinated” – it has by now become “abundantly” clear – as abundantly as Obama’s party has been held – that coronavirus vaccines do not prevent infection, but, rather, they prevent severe symptoms and death – at least in the mass variants so far.

The clip of Karni’s scandalous statement about the party of Obama’s “sophisticated, vaccinated crowd,” gathered in his family’s $12 million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard Island in the Atlantic, has quickly become viral.

Just as viral as a leaked video of a maskless Obama going crazy on his luxury party’s dancefloor.

Just ‘optics’, not safety

In her utterly obnoxious comments, NYT propagandist Annie Karni told her fellow propagandists from CNN that COVID-19 safety precautions at the Obama party weren’t even needed – because of the “sophisticated, vaccinated” nature of the crowd, and that those were put in place because of “optics,” not safety.

As she caused a storm of public indignation, Karni later went on Twitter to try to justify her own comments – having so skillfully justified the Obamas’ shameless bash.

She insisted she was quoting her own story in The New York Times about the party, which in turn cited people deeming concerns about it over COVID-19 to have been overblown.

What is there to say – other than the Democrats and their leftist minions such as the mainstream media have done it again, making a mockery of the American public, and will continue to do so until the American public allows them to.