Long-time HBO host Bill Maher, who is a well-pronounced liberal, has delivered devastating critique to “wokeness” – or wokeism, and as well as to New York state’s horrendous Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who still refuses to resign despite being exposed as a sexual predator by his own Attorney General, a fellow Democrat.

Old-school liberal Maher has recently been exposing many of the fallacies of the ever more radicalizing and extremist left that is gripping the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

Wokism is getting people killed

In the latest episode of his HBO show “Real Time,” Maher lambasted woke – or, better still, wokeist culture for seeking to both defund the police and deny the Chinese laboratory origin of the coronavirus – both of those for delusional, absurd, and utterly ludicrous “anti-racism” reasons.

The comedian was categorical that in both ways – by defunding the police and denying that COVID-19 came from a government-operated lab in Wuhan, China – wokeism will cause people’s deaths.

He exposed how ill-minded wokeism is playing on people’s self-imposed fears of getting called “racist.”

Maher said “defunding the police” certainly “came from wokeness” and it will certainly “get people killed.”

He lambasted many mainstream media outlets’ refusal – such as The New York Times – to cover the Chinese lab origin theory for the coronavirus – as another wokeist horror.

He dwelled upon the sheer idiocy of refusing to cover the Chinese laboratory origin of the coronavirus – and overall the suppression of the efforts to probe that – because that is considered “racist” – apparently, by the anti-American, misanthropic left.

Maher declared that at the New York Times, “everything is race,” and its subjective, Marxist, wokeist coverage presents an “example of the power of wokeness.”

Cuomo the Sleaze

In his latest show, the comedian also blasted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, urging him – like many others, not least the very Democrat President Joe Biden – to resign as a special investigation revealed the depraved, obvious love-deprived Cuomo sexually harassed a total of 11 different women since 2013.

“How is he still there?” wondered Maher, bewildered at Cuomo’s shameless obstinacy.

He further asked what the New York governor thinks “is gonna happen?”

He warned Cuomo that it is much better to leave on his own accord, and that is going to get impeached shortly if he keeps refusing to quit.

Maher described Cuomo as a “sleaze” and even joked that another sexual predator, convicted sex offender and former US congressman from New York, wants to go with him on a double date.