Democrat President Joe Biden – dubbed “Sleepy Joe” by President Donald Trump for a good reason – seems to be getting worse and worse in terms of his senility, and now looking directly at his note card isn’t of use any more.

Adding 20 million Americans and vaccinating all

With a single stroke Sleepy Joe not only “vaccinated” the entire population of the United States of America but also boosted it by 20 million people. (The latter sounds somewhat ominous considering the rate at which the Biden administration is letting illegal immigrants inside the country.)

When Biden did that, he was speaking from the East Room of the White House, before departing on his 17th trip to his home state of Delaware since January.

Sleepy Joe boldly declared that “roughly 350 million people” in the US have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, plus “billions around the world”.

He added also the criminally wrongful allegation that “no one has died” because of the vaccinations – when some 6,000 Americans have died precisely in connection with vaccines administered to them.

Later in his speech, Biden demonstrated his deteriorating senility by making the same mistake a second time as he was looking at his notes.

“What is the number again?” the Sleepy Democrat president asked himself, adding, “I have to remind myself.”

He looked at his cheat sheet and again declared proudly that a total of 350 million Americans have already been vaccinated against COVID-19.

As per the latest census calculations, which were released in April of this year, the total population of the United States of America is 331 million people.

No use of cheat sheets and note cards any more

Knowing this number should have given the seemingly senile Biden some clue that he was uttering nonsense.

But perhaps the Democrat president doesn’t even know the population of his own country, and how many people’s lives he might ruin with his incompetence and senility.

Biden likely meant to say that some 350 million doses of the different COVID-19 vaccines had been administered, according to data from Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Those 349 million doses have been administered to about 193 million people, each of whom has received at least one shot.

The number makes up over 70% of US adults.

The number of fully vaccinated Americans stands at 166 million, which amounts to roughly half the nation’s population.

As Biden’s latest performance demonstrates, even note cards and cheat sheets aren’t helping with his seemingly rapidly worsening condition, and watching him speak in public is becoming more and more painful.