Eloquent libertarian comedian Joe Rogan has issued a chilling warning to patriotic, freedom-loving Americans over the introduction of the so-called “vaccine passports” which would be similar to the means of totalitarian, communist-like hyperstates to cower and oppress their citizens.

Speaking in the latest episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the comedian lambasted the requirement to present vaccination evidence just to be able to enter restaurants, bars, sporting events, or board passenger airplanes – because that is bringing American “one step closer to dictatorship.”

Rogan emphasized, in particular, the main problem with “applauding vaccine passports” – namely, that once politicians have gained that kind of control over people’s personal lives, they will not “give that power up.”

The road to a mini-dictator

He went on to explain in simple terms the mechanism of American citizens’ rights and freedoms: when people have freedom, they are bound to “find ways to succeed,” grow, and thrive.

However, if the government puts “the boots to them” and starts giving them orders on what to do, “now you have a mini-dictator.”

Rogan described that situation as being just a “step away from a king” and a single “step closer to a dictatorship.”

His warning sounded particularly chilling, all the more so since it seems to be both a warning and a commentary about what is already “happening.”

The libertarian commentator made it clear that this is “what’s gonna happen” in particular with a universal “vaccine passport” or with the closure of borders.

‘Rogan gets it’

53-year-old Rogan, who in April signed a licensing deal with Spotify worth $100 million, has previously caused controversies, including by claiming that those who are fit and healthy don’t need to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and that vaccines should be only for those who are vulnerable.

Rogan’s latest commentary on how vaccine passports, especially a universal one, would push America further towards a dictatorship, was picked up and praised by President Donald Trump’s eldest son.

Donald Trump Jr. went ahead and swiftly posted on Twitter that “Joe Rogan gets it.”

Democrat President Joe Biden, who is failing the country in every respect while showing growing signs of senility, has stated that he had no plans for a federal vaccine passport – although hardly anything that comes out of his could or should be taken as certain.

At the same time, however, separate states dominated by the leftist Democrats and their radicalizing wings such as California and New York are crafting their own schemes about proof of vaccination, meaning those could be used to jump-start a universal vaccine passport.

All in all, as Rogan and many other American patriots have feared and warned, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a boon to the liberal leftist Marxists wishing to destroy America to put it under their perpetual control.