Being just America-hating and politically repugnant isn’t enough for radical leftist Marxists from the Democratic Party’s “squad” such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush – which is why they’ve been trying to outbid each other for the “greatest hypocrite in the world” title.

Many champions of hypocrisy

As per their latest stunts, Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) feared she would be raped in the Capitol riot when she was not in the Capitol and put on a COVID-19 face mask just for a photo op, while Cori Bush (D-MO) lashed out on how she’d spend mind-boggling amounts of taxpayer money on her private security while defunding the police so the wretched American citizens would have no security.

Enter Rashida Tlaib.

This member of the Marxist-Leninist “Squad” – which itself sounds like the “Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade”, the murky Palestinian terrorist group – seems to be feeling left behind in the radical leftist Democrat hypocrisy competition.

So now Rep. Tlaib (D-MI) has apparently decided to catch up, and show that she is no outsider in the “greatest hypocrite in the world” competition.

We sure now that – with not just the “brigade” but also the entire Democratic Party trying to win at who is more hypocritical than whom – they are all favorites for the title (think Nancy Pelosi, Muriel Bowser, Lori Lightfoot, Gavin Newsom, Barack Obama, John Kerry – you name it!) – they all deserve to be hypocrisy champions, hands down, no questions asked!

“Progressivist Martyrs’ Brigade” Congresswoman (or should we say – “Congressperson” or better yet “Congressbeing” – to honor their favorite transgenderist political correctness) Rashida Tlaib has been filmed and photographed dancing maskless amid a huge wedding party crowd.

The dancing took place indoors, in Wayne County, Michigan, a place with a high rate of COVID-19 transmission, according to the criteria of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDD), which would require everybody to wear a face mask.

And to top it all off, it occurred on Sunday, the same day in which Tlaib rabidly lashed out against GOP Senator Rand Paul because he had urged his supporters to resist any mask mandates and other continuing coronavirus restrictions.

As maskless as a dancing Obama

The wedding footage exposing Tlaib’s monstrous hypocrisy was taken by a band from Dearborn, Michigan, Bassam Saleh, who were performing at the wedding reception in question.

The band’s Instagram account contains dozens of clips from the event some of which show Tlaib dancing in a crowded group, hugging and holding hands with other members of the crowd – in defiance of all possible CDC guidance – and supposedly her own stance expressed earlier the same day.

Or perhaps, Tlaib has a dual identity – with the rise of omnipotent “identity politics”, one never may never know for sure anymore.

Tlaib wanted to show she can do no worse than AOC and Cori Bush hypocrisy-wise so she hit the dancefloor maskless at the first opportunity – and a day after former President Barack Obama set a horrible example with his lavish birthday party with hundreds of guests, many of them maskless – like Obama himself.

There has been no clarity as to why Tlaib was at the said wedding party, i.e. whether she was related to a newly-wed couple, or whether people in the crowd were vaccinated.

Heck, to keep herself in the Democrats’ hypocrisy game, Tlaib might just jump at the chance to dance maskless at the first reception she stumbles upon – who knows.

Earlier the same day excelling hypocrite Tlaib took to Twitter to lecture Sen. Rand Paul about his resistance to mask mandates, stating that he is “throwing a tantrum.”

Tlaib, who has even been photographed wearing two face masks, may now relax somewhat – she has caught up to a great extent with the other progressivists and the wider Marxist Democrats in their overwhelming hypocrisy race.