With a motion introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), the Republican Party has moved to begin the impeachment of Biden’s pathetic Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who is presiding over what might be the worst illegal immigration border crisis in American history.

With more than 188,000 illegal immigrants crossing unhindered into the US in June and preliminary figures indicating some 210,000 new arrivals – for a total of close to 1.3 million in the 2021 fiscal year so far, Biggs accused Mayorkas of a “reckless abandonment” of the security of the border.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Republican introduced to the House of Representatives two articles of impeachment against the DHS disaster going by the name of Alejandro Mayorkas, himself the son of immigrants from Cuba.

After introducing the articles of impeachment, Biggs told Fox News that “certainly” a “substantial amount of blame” for the migrant crisis belongs to both Democrat President Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris.

However, it is Mayorkas who is responsible for “border security and national security” – and, Biggs added, the situation “is a disaster down there”, with the Homeland Security Secretary having “not pushed back at all.”

DHS Secretary can’t “simply release” hundreds of thousands of illegals inside America Biggs declared that Alejandro Mayorkas has “failed utterly in his duty” to secure the border and protect America’s national security.

Now that Biggs has introduced the articles of Mayorkas’ impeachment to Congress, a simple majority would be needed in the House of Representatives to impeach the Biden Cabinet member.

If that occurs, then the case would go to the Senate for the actual trial, in which a majority of two-thirds would be needed to convict the respective official.

Biggs’ resolution on the two articles of impeachment against Biden’s DHS chief accuses the latter of both failure to perform his duties and causing other government officials to be in harm’s way.

The first article technically states that Mayorkas’ conduct is “incompatible” with his responsibilities, he hasn’t upheld his oath and has overseen the abandonment of border and immigration enforcement violating the Constitution and harming America’s security.

The resolution goes into technical legal details, explaining how Biden’s DHS Secretary has been releasing illegal immigrants inside the US, rolling back the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) – which used to keep them in Mexico for their hearings.

It adds that Mayorkas has violated the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The first article of impeachment categorically states that Mayorkas as DHS Secretary doesn’t “have the option of simply releasing” the illegals inside the US.

Deliberately putting US personnel in harm’s way

According to the second article of impeachment, Mayorkas has caused US government personnel to be exposed to COVID-19 as he has refused to stop potentially infected illegals from entering the country.

Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security has in particular failed to enforce the public health protections under Title 42, which stipulates the fast expulsion of illegal immigrants at the border because of COVID-19.

As the pro-immigrant, highly partisan Marxist leftists from the Democratic Party control both chambers of the US Congress, the GOP motion to impeach the disastrous Mayorkas, the chances for success are slim.

However, Biggs emphasized that legislators are still supposed to carry out their constitutional obligation of holding the administration accountable.

That is hardly ever the case with the Democrats but an impeachment vote in the House will at least shed more and more light on the illegal immigration border catastrophe caused and committed by Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas.