The public scandal over the National Security Agency’s perfidious spying of Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson, the highest-rated TV host in America, apparently ordered by the liberal leftist Biden administration, is blowing open wider and wider.

After the NSA at first denied but subsequently admitted that it has been monitoring the emails of the Fox News host, its internal watchdog has now started an intra-agency investigation into the matter.

That ‘member of the US news media’

Robert Storch, the Inspector General of the NSA, on Tuesday issued a statement making public the launch of a review into the allegations that the intelligence agency “improperly targeted” a “member of the US news media”, and in particular his “communications.”

The NSA IG’s release, of course, did not mention Tucker Carlson’s name as the agency retains a cloud of secrecy over the matter.

However, a report by The Wall Street Journal cited a source confirming the “US media member” in question is the Fox News host.

After on June 28, Carlson first made on air the accusation that the NSA had been spying on him by monitoring his texts and emails – probably at the order of the Biden administration in order to discredit and then shut down his daily news show, the agency made a highly move of releasing a public denial, stating that the journalist had never been its “intelligence target.”

The internal investigation into the horrifying domestic likely politically motivated spying conducted by the NSA is launched several weeks after sources from the agency at first said there wasn’t any evidence that Carlson has been spied on.

However, they also admitted the “unmasking” of his identity in communication between third parties – the term refers to government officials asking the NSA for the identities of American citizens over intelligence documents available to them.

Carlson’s scandalous unmasking

The investigation by the NSA’s Inspector General is going to focus on the internal legal compliance in the agency, including over the “unmasking procedures”, among a number of others.

In his statement, Storch also declared that “if circumstances warrant” that, his office is also going to consider additional issues which “may arise” in the course of the probe.

In a separate statement responding to questions by The Daily Mail, the NSA declared its commitment to the “rigorous and independent oversight” by its own Inspector General.

As the NSA IG announced the probe, a Fox News spokesperson reacted by declaring that the network is “gratified” to learn about the “independent” investigation of “NSA’s egregious surveillance of Tucker Carlson.”

The spokesperson still lambasted the intelligence agency, stating that it is “entirely unacceptable” for it to unmask any journalist trying to secure an interview, not to mention that the entire case raised “serious questions” about the NSA activities, and the agency’s “original denial” “was wildly misleading.”

Carlson himself revealed he had been working on getting an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin – after NBC News, one of the leftist propaganda pillars, had broadcast a lengthy interview with Putin several weeks prior.

Hopefully, the internal NSA probe will lead to some justice – although that remains on the extent to which the liberal leftists have managed to take over a potentially existing “deep state” or may have perhaps created one of its own.