A growing number of liberal leftists from the rank and file of the Democratic Party are increasingly coming out as radical Marxist America-haters who seem to have made it their life purpose to destroy American values, democracy, freedoms, and traditions.

One such unabashed anti-American leftist who has explicitly revealed himself as such appears to be Devin Hogan, the chairman of the Minneapolis Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which is the local state affiliate of the Democratic Party.

Burn a police precinct for ‘true liberation’

Hogan has recently written in a local newspaper op-ed that the burning of the Third Precinct headquarters of the Minneapolis Police Department last year by the rioters, who were looting and assaulting people in the streets after the death of George Floyd, was a “genuine revolutionary moment” and an “act of pure righteousness.”

The clearly insane and rabidly anti-American article coming from a local Democrat apparatchik was published as an opinion piece in a local newspaper, The Southside Pride, on August 2.

The article is entitled “The Cops Started It.”

Hogan also brazenly argued that the burning down of an entire police precinct headquarters by the rioters constituted a “proportional response” to how the police treated black people, and that it “opened new worlds of understanding” – whatever the heck that is supposed to mean!

The ill-minded Democrat apparatchik, who, as per his logic, might as well have been one of Lenin’s early 1917 Communist Revolution thugs, or a concentration camp guard in Stalin’s Gulag, claimed further that “the people… took their power back.”

In his praise for violence and outright sedition that rattled the streets of one of America’s once-great cities, Hogan also called it a “genuine liberation” and called upon the perpetrators to “remember” “the blood and treasure spent”, and to keep their “eyes on the prize” – which he seems to imagine as a racially-based “class struggle” revolutionary murder establishing a sort of a Bolshevik regime.

To save some face for the Democratic Party, the Minnesota DFL chairman, Ken Martin, did publish an opinion piece of his own, slamming Hogan and condemning his “dangerous, violent and inflammatory rhetoric.”

He declared that Hogan’s Bolshevik views aren’t shared by the DFL in both Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota.

Doubling down on his seditious agenda

Hogan, however, typically for a wannabe murderous Marxist revolutionary, has doubled down on his spiteful anti-American writing.

On Wednesday morning, he sent Fox News an email complaining that people have misconstrued the way he used the word “righteousness.”

He sought to mask his Marxist-communist calls as seeking to demonstrate “how the protestors felt” – as though that justifies the arson, looting, and destruction.

Before that, on Monday, he wrote on Facebook that “the truth hurts” as a way of lambasting his critics.

Luckily, the burning of the police precinct in Minneapolis in May 2020 hasn’t gone entirely unpunished, as four men have been sentenced to prison and to pay millions in restitution because of the roles they played in the burning.

Liberal leftist and Marxist extremist Democratic Party apparatchiks such as Hogan, however, present the greatest danger to Americans’ freedom, rights, and democracy – and they are apparently feeling stronger than ever because they are no longer hiding their seditious agenda.