Even scumbag, pervert, and lying-through-their teeth Democrat governors sometimes have to resign – regardless of how much their complete lack of honor and morals is forcing them not to.

Cuomo is resigning, sort-of

On Tuesday, the Democrat governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, who is long ago past the point of being an abysmal disgrace, finally announced that he is going to resign – after a special investigation by his own state Attorney General exposed him for having sexually harassed 11 women – and after causing numerous COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes.

Truth be told, Cuomo isn’t going right away: his mania for clinging desperately to power despite all his horrendous sins is simply too strong – so give the poor little pervert Democrat guy a break! – which is why he declared he is stepping down in 14 days.

Cuomo’s resignation address was as bizarre as his entire political pervert career and his personality: he kept repeating how much he loves New York, and “you.”

He also utterly outrageously decided to portray his resignation in terms of him being “helpful” to the people of New York, as though he is doing them a favor “given the circumstances.”

Good old breast-groping Cuomo just plain and simple stated he never likes to be “unhelpful” and apparently he “can help now” by stepping aside – the cheek and nerve of this guy!

While the lying Democrat governor declared himself to be “deeply” sorry for behavior that may be considered inappropriate – meaning pressuring, groping, and generally harassing women sexually – Cuomo also still went on the offensive by accusing of bias the special investigators who compiled the 165-page report on his naughty sexual “mischiefs.”

Repenting sleazeball

The sleazeball governor of New York claimed insisted on there being a difference between what he called “alleged improper conduct” (which is what he believes he did, apparently) and “concluding sexual harassment.”

He then did admit that “there are 11 women” that he “truly offended” and then apologized “deeply, deeply.”

Evidently, trying to present himself as inclusive and non-discriminatory, Cuomo then stated that he has been making jokes and giving hugs and kisses to both “women and men” – although he did forget to mention the “other genders” as a true liberal leftist Marxist Democrat would have done.

The poor little awkward power-thirsty love seeker then actually tried to demonstrate his further repenting by proclaiming his own sense of humor to be “insensitive and off-putting,” and added he meant to be “endearing” with women but they “found it date and offensive.”

Cuomo also blamed the “general and cultural shifts” which have “redrawn” the lines of acceptable behavior to an extent that he didn’t realize.

Cuomo’s would-be-moving-if-it-weren’t-so-deceitful-hypocritical-and-repugnant press conference also featured his lawyer Rita Glavin, who in turn accused the independent state investigators of “bias” as well as ignoring evidence countering their “narrative.”

She also accused the media of failing to stick to the facts and instead creating a “feeding frenzy.”

The pervert Democrat governor’s resignation – which isn’t even immediate – is a belated “preemptive strike” as it has now become clear even to his stubborn women-groping head that he is going to get impeached by his own political kind if he doesn’t step down voluntarily.

And the impeachment investigation would have been much worse considering that it was also going to focus not just on sexual harassment but also on a bunch of his other abject failures and abuses such as the COVID-19 deaths in the nursing homes scandal.

Of course, Cuomo is still likely to face criminal investigations over his sexual harassment as a total of four DAs in New York State have taken up the case.

Wiping Cuomo off America’s political map will be of great benefit to all Americans – although, unfortunately, there are many more leftist hypocrite liars like him where he came from.