Leftists are notorious for pathetic, weak moves such as flying away when facing a tough fight or for trying to score easy wins by utilizing technicalities – just as dozens of Democrat lawmakers from the Texas state House of Representatives have been doing since mid-July when they fled to Washington, DC.

They did in a last-ditch desperate measure to prevent the GOP from passing electoral security legislation – which the Democrats claim is “restricting” voting rights – by denying it the needed quorum.

Forcing slippery Democrat fugitives to honor their duties

The Democrats’ accusations couldn’t be further from the truth, and the leftists instead are trying to preserve their options for voter fraud and election manipulation.

The Texas GOP and the state’s Republican Governor Greg Abbott have been vowing to use the law and their legal powers to force the runaways to perform their legislative duties – and now they have taken the most decisive step to achieve that end: the issuing of fully constitutional arrest warrants.

Thus, on Tuesday, Dade Phelan, the Texas House Speaker issued a total of 52 arrest warrants for those Democrat lawmakers still in self-imposed exile in Washington – after in the new special session of the Texan legislature called by Governor Abbott, the absent Democrats have technically broken the quorum for the third time hindering a vote on the voting security legislation.

Phelan was empowered to issue the arrest warrants by an 80-12 vote in the Texas state House approving the measure.

Also on Tuesday, there was another development, which will ultimately help force the fugitives to perform the duties for which they were elected by their constituents, and for which they are getting paid by the state.

The Supreme Court of the state of Texas ruled to overturn a ruling by a trial court judge, which would have prevented the arrests of the runaway leftists.

In order to boost election security and prevent voter fraud, the new Texas voting reform proposed by the Republicans stipulates bans on 24-hour voting and drive-thru voting.

The arrest warrants for the 52 Texan Democrat lawmakers were to be handed for service to the House Sergeant-at-arms on Wednesday morning.

The Democrats are presently boycotting the second special session of the Texas House, after in the first special session House Speaker Phelan issued an arrest warrant only for one Democrat, Rep. Phil Cortez.

Cortez had also fled to Washington with the other Democrats, but returned to Austin, checked in at the Texas Capitol, and went back to DC.

‘Woman of color’ deeming herself immune to arrest

When they are arrested, the Texas Democrats won’t face jail time but will be brought to the state Capitol by force.

A total of 57 out of the 67 Democrat Texas House members fled to DC, and the exact number of those who have returned is unknown.

Rep. Celia Israel of the 50th district of Texas, is among those who have returned but hasn’t been to the state capitol.

Israel demonstrated a sense of entitlement and impunity because of skin color.

On Tuesday she told The Washington Post that “they’re bluffing”, i.e. the Republicans.

She then asked rhetorically if “they really want” to “arrest a woman of color” – and said the GOP in Texas is “just thumping their chests” – as though being a woman and/or being of color makes you above the law.

Even though this is the kind of thinking that’s typical for the leftist, Marxist Democrats, that is not and will never be the case in the United States.