Democrat President Joe Biden has been making the United States the laughing stock of the world for quite some time now with his seeming senility – but while this has been showing just from time to time, it is now becoming a daily occurrence.

Joe just wanders off onto a lawn

After Biden got lost and wandered off into a restaurant seeming totally lost during his visit to the G-7 summit in the UK earlier this year – in an incident that went completely unreported by the liberal leftist mainstream propaganda “media” – the clueless “leader” of the Free World has had a new mindless roving incident.

Biden has now wandered off onto a White House lawn in a bizarre episode in which he failed to follow simple directions by his Secret Service detail as he was supposed to entire the White House.

After returning from a stay at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden was filmed being clueless and ignoring the direction by a Secret Service agent to go inside the White House through a walkway.

Instead, like a little baby duckling fearful of losing his mama duck, Biden followed the agent, who had pointed the way to him and walked right after him onto the lawn.

After the stroll through the gardening, the 78-year-old 46th President of the United States eventually makes his way to the White House door, having maybe enjoyed the roundabout route he took there.

The video of his latest episode of bizarre and inadequate behavior of Sleep Joe – now apparently the Roving Joe – is leaving less and less doubt that he might be suffering from cognitive decline.

As the footage hit social media, reactions were pouring in of pundits appalled at the thought of the American president potentially struggling with dementia.

‘Robot’ with faulty programming

“Watch. This. Video. Closely,” tweeted Sean Spicer, a former press secretary for President Donald Trump.

Both Spicer and satirical writer Frank Fleming pointed out that the latter had actually just written the same occurrence with Biden’s wandering in a fictional article published by The Babylon Bee, a conservative satirical website, thus foreboding the gaffe.

In Fleming’s article, Biden gets lost on his way back to the White House after yelling to reporters, “What’s TikTok?”

Many Twitter posts commenting on the Roving Joe’s little lawn walk wrote that he seems to have “Alzheimer’s” and “dementia.”

Others joked that the wandering president, “who can’t even follow” the sidewalk, appeared like “a robot” that was not “correctly programmed.”

Some delusional, two-faced Biden supporters actually tried to defend the Biden’s roving, the free spirit that he is, by ludicrously arguing that the Secret Service agent wasn’t in fact pointing to the direction but was pointing to say the route in question is locked off – but nothing in the video suggests anything to that end.

So as long as the Sleepy, Roving Joe remains an occupant of the White House, the world will be having some laughs, while embarrassed patriotic Americans will keep dreading the damage a senile president might inflict upon them.

In fact, he already has, a great deal.