The pressure is mounting on New York governor Andrew Cuomo to resign. Since revelations about his sexual impropriates have emerged — impropriates which include everything from demanding that female staff members in his office wear high heels and other sexy attire to groping women and trading sexual favors for career advancement — many have demanded that the governor step down.

Cuomo has defiantly resisted all such demands and continues to maintain his innocence.

But now that the report investigating Cuomo’s sexual misconduct, issued by New York Attorney General Letitia James, has been released to the public, the chorus of voices calling on Cuomo to resign has grown significantly louder. Now, even Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer have stated that they think Cuomo should resign.

Despite all of this, Cuomo continues to refuse to resign.

And so, in response, more of his accusers have begun going public and lodging complaints against him, including one woman whose name was kept hidden in AG James’ report.

One More Cuomo Accuser Emerges

Brittany Commisso, age 32, was referred to merely as “executive assistant #1” in the James report. In that report, she describes interactions with Cuomo in which he hugged her in inappropriate ways, kissed her on the lips without her consent, grabbed her butt as a photo was being taken and even reached underneath her blouse to grab her breasts.

Commisso has chosen to remain anonymous until recently, but she formally revealed herself and agreed to sit down for an interview with “CBS This Morning,” in which she will describe what she alleges that the governor did to her. The interview aired to air on Monday, August 9.

An earlier story in the New York Times reported that Commisso — then still keeping her identity hidden — filed a criminal complaint against Cuomo with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

“What he did to me was a crime. He broke the law.” Commisso told ABC News. Indeed, if proven true, some of Commisso’s accusations would constitute sexual battery.

Cuomo, for his part, denies Commisso’s accusations. Rita Glavin, one of Cuomo’s attorneys, has claimed that there is evidence that has been omitted from the James report which exonerates the governor. Referring to Commisso, Glavin stated, “This woman’s story as stated in the report is false.”

Glavin also alleges that Commisso’s accusations sound suspiciously similar to the accusations against Cuomo forwarded by a female New York State Trooper, also described in the James report. The trooper accuses Cuomo of frequently making inappropriate comments about her attire and running his hand across her stomach as she held the door open for him.