In an appearance on “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Fox News Radio, GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin set the record straight about Joe Biden’s illegal new eviction moratorium. Using the excuse of the spread of the Delta coronavirus variant, the Biden administration extended the socialist policy of banning landlords from evicting delinquent renters.

Biden’s Illegal Order

After a lot of lobbying from radical progressive lawmaker Cori Bush, Biden’s CDC overstepped its authority again by releasing an extended “eviction moratorium.” The CDC does not have the power to create binding policies for businesses and people to follow, but they decided that they can single-handedly bankrupt landlords across the country. According to the Supreme Court, only Congress has the power to legislate these binding policies. However, after hearing the radical left yell in his ear, Biden ignored the court and made the CDC continue to overstep its bounds.

Democrats like to make the Trump administration out to be lawless and anti-democratic, but as always, they are the biggest hypocrites in the political sphere. Ignoring orders of the Supreme Court is not the behavior of an administration that respects the rule of law.

Johnson Strikes Down the “Eviction Moratorium”

While talking to Brian Kilmeade on the radio, Senator Johnson opined on Biden’s “jaw-dropping” lawlessness from ignoring the Supreme Court. Much like the Obama administration ignoring Congress and weaponizing the IRS, this new liberal regime is abusing its power to bankrupt landlords. Stopping landlords from evicting delinquent renters will drive them into financial ruin. This policy is destructive and socialistic, to begin with, but since Democrats are not competent at governing, they ham-handedly made it drag along.