While the Biden administration continues to negotiate with the Iranian government, their anti-US rhetoric has only gotten worse. The Western world has designated Iran as a state sponsor of terror, so why should the US or the EU negotiate with them? There is a lot of concern that a return to the diplomacy with Iran that existed prior to the administration of former President Trump will mean supporting terrorism. Biden has not yet signaled whether he will take a hard line with the new Iranian leader or if he will resume the nuclear agreement that was crafted when he was vice president.

Iran’s New Leadership

Recently, the Ayatollah of Iran inaugurated a new president Ebrahim Raisi. In a tweet, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that his country needs “jihadi” leadership to counter the West. Taken literally, this may not seem much like a problem.

“Jihad” in Arabic literally means “struggle,” and it does not refer to only warfare. However, rhetoric like that has led to brutal acts of murder and violence, such as 9/11 and other acts of terror.

Will Biden Speak Up?

Biden has not, so far, spoken out against Iran. Instead of the conservative approach taken by former President Trump to continue sanctions against Iran, Biden and the Democrats think that Iran will negotiate in good faith. After the nuclear deal negotiated under the Obama administration, Iran suddenly had hundreds of billions of dollars. Some Republican leaders feared that this money would go to bankroll proxies such as Hezbollah. Israel has also parroted similar fears. Biden should learn how to be a real diplomat and beat terror.