That Facebook, Twitter, and Google, the most notorious of the Big Tech companies, the ones that have social media, are not just in cahoots but also practically in bed with the radical liberal leftism associated with the Democratic Party has long ago become abundantly clear.

It has also been absolutely clear that the Big Tech social media in question are eager to impose censorship of the worst kinds simply in order to prop up the radical leftist propaganda, and to silence patriotic and conservative voices, mostly coming from the Republican Party.

After all, in January 2020, Big Tech went after supposedly the most powerful man in the world, the leader of the apparently formerly the Free World – the president of the United States of America – as President Donald Trump was kicked out of Twitter, Facebook, and Google’s YouTube, and thus largely censored from being able to reach his vast base of supporters.

So if the evil Big Tech radical leftist censorship machine can do that to President Trump, they can do it to absolutely everybody and anybody.

Rand Paul’s ‘first strike’

Firebrand Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has now become the latest American patriot to have fallen prey to the pro-Marxist censors.

Paul just got suspended for seven days from YouTube after he published a video in which he describes face masks as an ineffective means of protection against COVID-19.

A YouTube spokesperson told leftist propaganda machine CNN that Senator Rand Paul has thus registered his “first strike” on his YouTube channel as part of the platform’s “longstanding three-strikes policy.”

The spokesperson claimed that YouTube applies its policy “consistently” and regardless of “political views” or who the speaker is.

It’s hard to argue with that: of course, it applies consistently – especially if the “speaker” who has to be censored happens to be an American patriot and a conservative with views not agreeing with the ruling radical leftist establishment, of which Big Tech is a big part.

Censoring quotes from scientific papers

According to YouTube, what was problematic with Rand Paul’s video is his comment that most masks sold over the counter don’t actually work, and “trying to shape human behavior” is different from the actual science which makes it clear that the “cloth masks don’t work.”

In his video, he even quoted two real scientific papers to back up his claims.

Senator Rand Paul took to Twitter to express his indignation at the radical leftism – Big Tech symbiosis censorship.

He gave them their due by stating he got banned by “leftwing cretins at YouTube” for a video containing quotes from two scientific peer-reviewed articles which make it clear that “cloth masks don’t work.”

Paul’s tweet also declared his suspension by the leftwing Big Tech cretins “a badge of honor”, and featured a link to watch his video on an alternative platform.

Senator Rand Paul’s suspension from Twitter comes shortly after the fifth time in which GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia got suspended by Twitter for one week after she claimed that the COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective and failing at stopping the spread of the virus, and the FDA shouldn’t give them final approval.