There were times when Hunter Biden, the scandalous son of the by now seemingly senile Democrat President Joe Biden, was just “controversial” and just surrounded by “controversies.”

But those times are long gone for everybody – except the leftist propaganda mainstream “media” – as more and more revelations are painting Hunter Biden’s portrait as a very debauched, highly corrupt, overprivileged, hard-partying, drug addicted daddy’s boy – who, combined with Joe Biden’s position first as vice president and now as president of the United States smacks of really dirty top-level corruption.

The things already revealed about Hunter Biden are appalling enough, and yet new leaks and revelations keep coming up and shocking the public, to the extent that they can reach it considering the leftist propaganda’s censorship – simply because there appears to be much, much, much more where that came from!

The new horrifying revelations about Hunter Biden are coming from the best source, which is himself, as a new video that he recorded has been obtained and published by The Daily Mail.

In it, the dear son of the ever more senile “leader” of the Free World is seen talking to a prostitute and telling her the cool story of how “Russians” have stolen one of his laptops in order to blackmail him while he came close to death from an overdose in a hotel in Las Vegas.

The things that the kids of the Democratic establishment politicians are up to these days!

‘From penthouse suite to penthouse suite’

The shocking details of both the chat with the prostitute and the story told aside, one conclusion to be drawn is that top-level party boy Hunter has lost a total of three computers so far, and all of them may contain highly compromising information on Democrat President Joe Biden, not to mention all of his son’s telling communications, videos, and photos.

The three laptops in question would be the one that got abandoned at a computer store in Delaware, another one that was seized by federal agents, and now this third one “stolen by the Russians.”

In the newly leaked video, Hunter Biden is seen together with a woman who appears to be a prostitute, both of them naked.

The conversations is from January 2019.

It was recorded after he left the camera rolling, apparently after filming them having sex.

Hunter opens up to the hooker with the story of how his third laptop was snatched by Russian drug dealers who partied with him in Las Vegas.

He recalls how at the time he spent 18 whole days “from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,” squandering up to $10,000 a night.

Just to make it even more explicit, Joe Biden’s son tells the prostitute how he “spent f***ing crazy amounts of money.”

‘Crazy fing sex fing’

He then narrates further how he was “with these guys”, and he passed out in a hot tub, evidently coming close to a drug overdose.

When he woke up, the party was over, and a 35-year-old Russian brunette was insisting that the Russian drug dealers call an ambulance for him.

Later that night he realized his (third) laptop went missing, and that these “three guys” – “the dealer and his two guys” probably stole it.

Hunter Biden then outlines the highly compromising content of the laptop: he tells the prostitute that they got “videos of me doing this” – referring to the sex tape he had just made.

Once again, just for the sake of clarity, he adds that they have videos of him “doing crazy fing sex fing.”

Biden Jr. even states that he had “taken tons” of sex videos which were on the missing laptop, his third one overall.

At this point, the hooker, sympathetic to his cause, asks President Biden’s son whether he’s worried that the Russian thieves would blackmail him.

He confirms, adding that since – at the time – his “dad is running for president,” plus the Russian drug dealer knows that he, Hunter, makes “like a gazillion dollars.”

Can’t cash on his own sex videos. Then gets a prostitute’s shrewd advice

Displaying the kind of moral integrity that has already become very well known for, presidential son Hunter Biden then expresses his astonishment as to how much money the laptop thieves might make if they sell his sex videos to porn companies or news outlets – and that he, Hunter, himself won’t be able to cash in on those.

He guesses those videos could fetch $1 – 3 million, and wonders whether anybody “wants to see me naked.”

Hunter is then shaken up by a scenario in which his potentially leaked sex videos would be “news interest” since “dad’s a public figure” – in which case the media wouldn’t pay anything for them because he is “of interest in regular news.”

The prostitute then steps up and gives him the “smart” advice of “beating to the punch” the laptop thieve, and “release your own video.”

It is hard for a decent person to know which part of the whole Hunter Biden thing – including this latest leaked prostitute video and the story so captivatingly told by the presidential boy – to be most appalled and outraged at.

The story the naked prostitute-using Hunter tells in the video, however, with the Russian drug dealer stealing his computer, does point to the possibility of a foreign intelligence operation designed to target the prodigal son as a vulnerability to Joe Biden – at the time still a presidential candidate, today the president of the United States.

The vile liberal leftist propaganda mainstream media have been trying vigorously to keep all the Hunter Biden leaks under a lid but that will be harder and harder to do as more and more evidence surfaces of the president’s kid, who, unlike his “sleepy” daddy, appears highly proactive in the fields of drugs and depravity.