As most Americans have already realized, today’s far-left progressive movement traffics in rampant dishonesty and hypocrisy. Socialist Representative Cori Bush of Missouri brought this to light recently. As she was being interviewed by left-wing CBS News, she repeatedly yelled about how we should “defund the police.”

The Fallacy of “Defund the Police”

Cori Bush, a new member of the socialist “Squad,” has likely singlehandedly given the GOP control of Congress next year. Her soundbite of saying, “we need to defund the police,” will almost certainly be played over and over again in Republican attack ads. Unfortunately for Democrats, these ads will be highly accurate because they will show that their members are not interested in their constituents’ safety. Cori Bush is the biggest example of that disconnect between Democrats and voters. Voters want their communities to be safe from violent criminals and gangs, but socialists’ desire to abolish police will only make them run more rampant.

In fact, in many cities that slashed their police budgets in 2020, crime has spiked greatly. This is the only proof that voters need to determine that liberal policies do not work for them.

Rep. Bush’s Disgusting Hypocrisy

The question that Cori Bush was asked in the CBS interview was aimed at making her answer for calling to defund the police while herself paying $70,000 for her own private security. Even liberal CBS gets it. To Cori Bush, safety ought to be only for her, but not for everyone else. This is the greatest example of Democratic hypocrisy on every one of their far-left beliefs. Once voters realize this, Republicans will be returned to power, and the American people will be kept safe once again.