The MeToo movement has long ago been debunked as a pure justice-seeking endeavor and exposed numerous times as serving as a means of discrediting men in positions of power – whether the accusations against them might be real, trumped-up, or fake.

The latest debacle in which Time’s Up, a group that grew out of the MeToo movement, has been exposed as helping New York’s outgoing sexual predator Governor Andrew Cuomo, has now shown another side of the hypocrisy that MeToo has been.

In this particular case, a supposed activist campaign to protect women from sexual abuse has sided with the abuser who is of particular stature and a position of power, helping him silence his victims.

This much has become indisputably clear from the 165-page special investigation report by the Office of the New York Attorney General, which revealed that Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 different women since 2013.

‘Sorry – didn’t know’

In doing that, as the allegations against him started to surface, the pervert Democrat establishment politician has enlisted help from all sorts of factors – such as his CNN anchor brother Chris Cuomo, PR experts, Democrat strategists, and, last but not least, Time’s Up – through its now-former chairwoman Roberta Kaplan and its CEO Tina Tchen.

Kaplan at least had the decency to resign her post at the advocacy group but her no less duplicitous colleague Tina Tchen is now refusing to follow suit – just like Cuomo did at first.

Kaplan and Tchen were exposed in the NY AG report as having helped the New York Governor draft a letter to deny the sexual harassment allegations by Lindsey Boylan, his first accuser.

Tchen has posted a lengthy message on the website of Time’s Up, explaining that she was “sorry” of sorts over her and the organization’s involvement in the letter which was designed to cast doubt on Lindsey Boylan’s credibility.

According to the investigation report citing Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa, who has also resigned, Kaplan read the draft letter to Tchen, and the two of them greenlighted a modified version.

In her attempted self-exculpation, Tchen argues that she had no idea that Andrew Cuomo’s letter was supposed to “undermine the survivors” – or she would have never participated in “such an attack or strategy.”

Tchen then insists that Time’s Up was used as a “cover for heinous actions” in play behind the scenes, and then to distract from the “legal and moral violations.”

The CEO of Time’s Up did repent for her failure at oversight and her “mistakes” in being unable to protect survivors.

‘Start by resigning’

Against that backdrop, Tchen made clear her conviction that she wasn’t guilty enough so as to resign.

She did ask Time’s Up supporters to let her know how the organization can do better – setting herself up for Lindsey Boylan’s reaction.

Boylan wrote on Twitter that Tchen “can start by resigning” – and that any other employees of her organization involved in the “silencing and diminishing of survivors” should follow suit.

Besides Cuomo’s spectacular downfall, the exposure of his sexual harassment abuses has also brought important insights into the duplicitous hypocrisy of certain MeToo activists, who prove to be entirely devoid of morals.