The dirty “Squad” strikes again – yes, the Democrat progressivist “Squad” which is a collection of all that is evil and wrong in modern-day liberal-leftist dominated American politics.

With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, and Rashida Tlaib recently competing as to who’d make more repugnant headlines with their hypocrisies, excesses, and anti-Americanism, another of their gal pals, Ilhan Omar, has decided to be proactive so that the American public can be reminded again of the horrors that she stands for.

Radical leftist and pro-Islamist Democrat member of the US House of Representatives, Ilhan Oman of Minnesota – has become notorious, among other things, for declaring the United States – the country she supposedly serves – as well as US ally Israel to be terrorists.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel group actively promoting the two nations’ alliance in US politics, has taken up the task of exposing Omar’s egregious anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric.

Apparently attempting to prevent the AIPAC from exposing her, the infamous Minnesota progressivist Democrat has now declared that the pro-Israeli group’s ads are endangering her life.

If Omar’s life is really in danger, though, it isn’t because of the AIPAC but because of her radical anti-Americanism – and if you preach hate against your own country, which you even claim to represent, the repercussions could be unpredictable.

AIPAC, on the other hand, in its political ads has been telling the truth about Omar’s stances.

As per her twisted, absurdist Marxist logic, no one is supposed to call out her seditious, anti-American excesses because she dislikes that and because she claims that somebody wants to kill her.

Omar’s Marxist manipulation attempts raise all sorts of reasonable questions: How about not harboring hate for America – and Israel – in the first place?

Or if you do and can’t help it, how about not seeking to become a member of Congress of the very country you hate so much?

Or are you going there with some kind of evil, covert agenda?

What do the AIPAC ads tell? The truth.

One of the ads that Ilhan Omar finds so threatening urges people to stand with “American” and to “stand against terrorists.”

Another of AIPAC’s ads states that for Omar, there isn’t any difference between the US and the Taliban, or between Israel and Hamas, or “between democracies and terrorism” – which is all based on her own insane statements.

Still another AIPAC ad urges Americans to tell Omar to “condemn terrorists, not America.”

A fourth ad has it that when Israel attacks the Hamas terrorist group, Omar calls that an “act of terrorism.”

Omar’s spokesman Jeremy Slevin went on Twitter to claim the AIPAC ads are “Islamophobic,” and that the Minnesota progressivist Marxist could be killed because of them – as though they don’t fully reflect Omar’s own quotes.

Slevin impudently insisted that the language in the AIPAC ads is “virtually identical” to language from death threats that Omar gets and that AIPAC is “putting” her life “at risk” with its “repeated Islamophobic attack ads.”

In a tweet in June, Omar equated the United States and Israel with the Taliban and Hamas, plain and simple.

She backtracked somewhat after bipartisan backlash but later declared she didn’t regret what she had done.

In February 2019, she referred to the 9/11 terrorist attacks as when “some people did something.”

Not that any sane and decent American patriot needs to be told that, because it is self-explanatory, but an AIPAC spokesperson told Fox News that the group’s ads exposing Ilhan Omar’s hatred for America and Israel are “completely fair and accurate.”

The spokesperson said the ads in question highlight Omar’s “outrageous statement” which claims that the United States and Israel are “on the same level as” the Taliban and Hamas.”

Once again, the mind boggles as to why a pro-Islamist hating America wants to be a member of the US Congress.

Maybe she has some kind of a different evil agenda in mind.