The two-faced Democrat President Joe Biden – whenever he is conscious – and his no less two-faced administration love touting COVID-19 vaccines given on their watch – but they struggle to explain why Biden himself caused vaccine doubt back in the fall of 2020, when the Democrats sought any means available to undermine President Donald Trump.

Biden’s typically clueless and arrogant press secretary, Jen Psaki, has further exacerbated the problem with Sleepy Joe’s record on vaccines – as she had no idea what to say to a reporter asking about it during her press briefing on Wednesday.

So much so that, instead of giving any kind of an even remotely sensible answer, Psaki turned outrightly hostile, launched a divertive “counterattack” and made a snarky comment about President Donald Trump – the leader who pushed really hard for the very development of the coronavirus vaccines.

Bite back when you have nothing sensible to say

Psaki’s latest exchange demonstrating her abysmal incompetence at public communication – and pretty much everything else – was with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

Doocy shrewdly noted that at the time when President Trump was telling the American public that a vaccine was going to be ready within a matter of weeks or a couple of months, Joe Biden, back then the Democrats’ presidential candidate was going all around the country and telling everybody, “Don’t trust Donald Trump!”

The reporter logically enquired whether that created “any kind of vaccine hesitancy” – a rhetorical question because of course, it did.

Biden’s mind, however, whenever it is with, has always been geared towards vehemently partisan behavior seeking first and foremost to undermine the other side, rather than consider, promote, and aid the public interest.

Biden’s press secretary first reacted with an obscure statement, namely, that this, i.e. a vaccine hesitancy caused by Biden, hasn’t been “seen in the data” – an empty conjecture fit for any situation.

Now knowing what else to say, she then turned caustic and went on the offensive – as the poor observant reporter had something to do in person with Donald Trump, and thus had to be retaliated against.

She declared that “just for context,” she notes that the “former president” – the correct expression would have been “the then-president” – was “suggesting” that people “inject” into their veins “versions of poison” to cure COVID.

Then Psaki happily added that she thinks “that’s a relevant point.”

‘Don’t trust Trump’: how to undermine both your opponent and the vaccines

It is, of course, relevant only in Psaki’s head, and in the heads of other liberal leftists like herself – who go to be hating Trump, dream Trump nightmares, and wake up hating Trump – because he not only defeats them electorally but he also destroys completely their false anti-American narratives.

Because the fact of the matter is that as early as September 2020, when Trump first announced that vaccines will be available already later in the fall, back then-presidential candidate Joe Biden was out campaigning and saying that he trusts scientists and vaccines but doesn’t “trust Donald Trump” – and the “American people can’t, either.”

Of course, contributing to a vaccine hesitance might be one of the least sins of Joe Biden and his liberal leftists Democrats before the American nation, democracy, and people.