The United States spent trillions of dollars and the lives of thousands of American patriots in order to destroy the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the war on terror in Afghanistan, and Sleepy, as well as clueless Democrat President Joe Biden, is now squandering all of that at the stroke of a brush.

Not that it wasn’t unexpected from a corrupt, delusional Democrat as far as foreign and security policy is concerned – but Biden’s hasty, badly designed, and badly executed total pullout of US forces from Afghanistan has turned into a nightmare so quickly that the entire world is dismayed, and already mocking American power and resolve.

A pullout to secure disastrous symbolism for 9/11’s 20th anniversary

The Taliban is now not just resurgent but in a matter of weeks the ultra-Islamist movement which once hosted al-Qaeda – which was the reason the US went in there after 9/11 in the first place – has taken two-thirds of the country.

In fact, the Taliban threatens to conquer all of Afghanistan well before Biden’s original pullout date – September 11, 2021 (changed later to August 31) – which was supposed to have the symbolic meaning of putting Afghanistan back on its own two feet 20 years after the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC.

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is nonetheless shaping to be symbolic – except the symbolism is going to be not just embarrassing and humiliating but completely disastrous.

Thanks to Joe Biden and his Democratic Party, which cares first and foremost about wokeism, transgenderism, and overall Marxism, it is going to be the anniversary of failure, with the countless billions of dollars of US investment being handed on a plate to the Taliban.

Because of the unbelievably rapid march of the Taliban throughout the country, already resulting in the beginning encirclement of Kabul, the Biden administration announced sending some 3,000 US troops back just in order to evacuate the personnel of the US Embassy.

The three additional infantry battalions from the Army and the Marines will join some 650 service members that are still left in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, reserves amounting to up to 4,000 troops will be based in Kuwait and put on standby, with 1,000 more in Qatar in order to help with the processing of Special Immigrant Visas.

‘Prudent thing to do’?!

John Kirby, the press secretary of the Pentagon, said that is “the prudent thing to do” considering the “rapidly deteriorating security situation” “around Kabul” – a statement uttered as though the current tremendous mess isn’t fully Biden’s fault.

After the acceleration of the US withdrawal, the Taliban has managed to conquer 12 Afghan provincial capitals in the past week alone, and reports are pouring in that captured Afghan troops trying to resist their advance are being executed by various means.

According to Kirby, the mission of the renewed US deployment would be to “reduce” the number of civilian personnel at the US Embassy in Kabul, which employs about 4,000 Americans.

While he stated that the August 31 pullout deadline still stands, Kirby refused to clarify whether the soon-to-be newly deployed troops are included in that.

‘Not abandoning’ Afghanistan, no, ‘far from it’

In a sad and ludicrous attempt to mask the utter fiasco of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, Ned Price, the spokesman of the State Department, refused to call the operation in question an “evacuation,” insisting instead that it is simply a pullout of civilian personnel.

He also emphasized that the evacuation troops to be sent in shortly did not signify a “re-engaging” in the Afghanistan military conflict.

America’s close allies, NATO partners, are also suffering from the humiliating pullout, with the UK now sending in 600 troops for its own embassy evacuation, and Canada is moving to do the same.

Price insisted that the US is “in no way abandoning” the people of Afghanistan – “far from it”, and will continue to help with anything it can.

There are two questions left to answer here.

The first is – who are these guys kidding?

The second one is: how are Biden and the Democratic Party going to bear the political responsibility for this glamorous victory they’ve handed to the Taliban and the tremendous loss of everything – from money to credibility to the United States?

Because not even Biden’s Democrat predecessor Barack Obama dare to execute such a botched pullout knowing given the conditions in Afghanistan it was going to flop rapidly and spectacularly.