Republican US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was in the right place at the right time – and possessed the right amount of courage – to single-handedly block the Democrats from passing their election overhaul bill which would have constituted an unheard-of federal takeover of elections.

Cruz to the rescue at 3:30 am

The pretentiously called “For The People Act” was brought to the floor by Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the Senate Majority Leader Chuck, at around 3:30 am on Wednesday.

That was after the Senate had just concluded 15 hours of amendment voting on the Democrats‘ much-coveted gigantic-taxpayer-dollar-spending $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

According to the Houston Chronicle, that is how Schumer sought to pass the federal takeover of elections by unanimous consent.

What was required to stop the process was a single objection by a member of the US Senate.

Enter Ted Cruz, who derailed Schumer’s move in a back-and-forth which lasted for about 15-minutes.

In one particular excerpt of his speech, Cruz delivered the most devastating critique to the “For The People Act” exposing its evil intentions and the mind games of the increasingly radicalizing liberal leftist Democrats.

The latter is trying to pass the legislation in question because they have designed its provisions in such a way so as to keep winning elections by default and so that they can remain permanently in power, which is the wet dream of every singled Marxist aspiring-totalitarian.

It would ‘profoundly undermine democracy’ in America

In his objection, Ted Cruz explained effectively and succinctly that the For The People Act would amount to nothing but a “federal government takeover of elections” and a “massive power grab by Democrats.”

Cruz emphasized that the pretentiously but fallaciously called bill is actually “for the politicians” – the Democrat politicians actually – and “would disenfranchise millions of Americans”.

It would entrench the Democrats so well that the people would be unable to vote them out of office.

What is more, the Texas Republican emphasized, it is going “strike down virtually” all voter integrity laws in America, such as voter ID laws backed by the majority of the Americans, or prohibitions on “ballot harvesting”.

It would also allow felons and millions of illegal immigrants to vote – a right preserved and deserved only by law-abiding American citizens as per the Constitution of the United States of America.

Cruz emphasized that, all in all, the Democrats’ federal election takeover bill would “profoundly undermine democracy” in the country.

Luckily, Cruz and other patriotic Congress members are standing in the way of the increasingly radicalizing Democrats who are seeking through “gender-based” and “race-based” “class struggle” artificially engineered by them to gut America, rip out its heart, and turn it into a perpetual Marxist and neo-Communist totalitarian tyranny with themselves at the helm.