Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security of the pro-illegal immigration Biden administration who is anything short of abysmal at his job, has been caught on a leaked tape admitting to border agents that the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border is “sustainable” and that “we’re going to lose” if it continues.

During the visit to the US-Mexican border in Texas on Thursday, Mayorkas made public the latest Customs and Border Patrol figures showing that an unprecedented 212,000 illegal immigrants crossed into the United States in July.

‘We’re going to lose’

The leaked audio of Biden’s pathetic Secretary of Homeland Security was recorded during a private meeting that he had as part of that trip with Texas Border Patrol agents.

The tape was obtained by Bill Melugin, a reporter for Fox News, through a Border Patrol source.

In the private conversation, Mayorkas tells the border agents about his recent trip to Mexico, during which he said that “if our borders” are “the first line of defense”, then “we are going to lose”, and that “this is unsustainable.”

It remains unclear to whom he directed those conclusions that he uttered when he was “down in Mexico” and that he told the border agents about – that is, whether they were meant for the Mexican authorities or perhaps even to the staff of the US Embassy.

Mayorkas then continues, telling the border agents that “we can’t continue like this,” “our people in the field” cannot keep on going like that, and “our system” hasn’t been “built for it.”

In the audio, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security chief clearly admits that he is aware of the gravity of the situation – even if the Democrat administration insists that the gigantic influx of illegal immigrants America has been experiencing for many months now is “not a crisis.”

Mayorkas’ candid confessions in his one-on-one with the border agents included a declaration that the situation at the border “cannot continue” as it is, and the federal government’s system isn’t designed to handle the influx.

He also admits he was “very well” aware that the border sector was recently at the point of “breaking.”

Mayorkas, who might not be just as clueless as he appears publicly, considering the essence and scope of his confessions, then declares that “it’s our responsibility” to make sure that the situation of a near-sector collapse “never happens again.”

In his public remarks at the US-Mexican border in Texas on Thursday, during which he announced the 13% spike in the number of illegal immigrants in July compared with June, Mayorkas just stated that the border situation was “one of the toughest challenges we face.”

Border agents know ‘how to shut it down’ – but aren’t allowed to

The audiotape leaked by Fox News also contains the voices of some border agents from the private meeting with Mayorkas, clearly disheartened by the administration’s free-for-all approach with respect to the cross of the sovereign national border by illegal immigrants.

One agent says that they “don’t need to reinvent the wheel” since “we’ve had this happen before.”

Thus, in his words, the border agents know “exactly how” they can “shut it down.”

At that point, Mayorkas just played empathetic, thanking the agents for their “heroic” service.

He vows to try to get them hazard pay because of the Indian delta variant of COVID-19 transmitted by the illegal immigrants.

He also revealed he had requested funding for an additional 2,000 agents in the 2023 budget, promised a focus on preventing immigrant no-shows at Immigration Court.

Mayorkas then promised that the Biden administration was going to “keep [in place] Title 42,” the policy adopted under President Donald Trump, which gives the US authorities the right to expel almost all illegal immigrants as a measure of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The leaked tape clearly demonstrates that as head of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas is well-aware of the illegal immigration disaster.

This and the conclusion that the border agents aren’t allowed to shut down the influx means that he isn’t fulfilling his duties to stem the migrant tsunami for political reasons, with the Democrats deliberating allowing the overwhelming illegal immigration through the border with Mexico to continue.