As Sleepy Joe Biden and the radical leftists are handing Afghanistan on a plate to the radical Islamist Taliban on the occasion of 20 years since 9/11 despite all American sacrifice – Afghan women will suffer the worst fate.

Radicals of all countries, unite!

Not that Afghan men resisting the Taliban have it much better – they are getting executed in horrible ways.

Afghan women, however, are considered by the medieval-minded radical Islamists to be “spoils of war” – so girls as early as 12 years of age are getting raped and then apportioned as sex slave wives for the remainder of their lives.

In a twisted “Radicals of All Countries, Unite!” situation, the whole Afghanistan pullout debacle under increasingly senile Biden almost seems like a gift from one group of radicals to another – that is, from radical liberal leftists in the Biden administration to the radical Islamists that are the Taliban.

As the sleepy man in the White House has allowed the Taliban to retake all of Afghanistan now tightening the stranglehold on whatever is left of government-controlled territories – the capital Kabul and adjacent territories, reports of early medieval style atrocities committed by the radical Islam fighters have been pouring out of the country to international media.

Some of those are even getting reported by the leftism and Marxism propaganda machines that are the mainstream in the United States.

These reports include stories such as a woman being eye-gouged in front of her family, 12-year-old girls kidnapped to be turned into sex slaves, and people murdered for being educated or for listening to music banned by the Taliban.

The Biden administration’s betrayal of Afghanistan, first-hand

In a moving, very real, and truthful op-ed for The Daily Mail, Shukria Barakzai, one of the women politicians in Afghanistan freed by the United States, emphasized how “20 years of hard-won rights” since the Taliban’s defeat back in 2001 are literally being “wiped out” before the eyes of the world, a development that Barakzai describes as “unbearable” for her.

She recalled the early 1990s when women were mostly treated as equal to men in Afghan society, and how she studied physics at Kabul University – before watching “the horror” caused when the Taliban took over the entire country in 1996.

Barakzai tells of her ordeals trying to resist the Taliban’s radical Islamist regime by running secret schools, and of her three arrests that she barely survived.

The Afghan politician also recalls the freedom brought by the US and Coalition forces’ ouster of the Taliban regime – and the ensuing 20 years of liberty – but also of “tireless struggle and sacrifice” to regain women’s rights.

She concludes categorically that the struggle in question has “paid off.”

Barakzai then gives a very detailed account of the Taliban’s advance since January when the radical leftists took over the US government and decided to give the radical Islamists a huge free gift.

She states with US and NATO forces gone that Afghans can now “only await our fate” as there isn’t anywhere “for us to go.”

Then the Afghan politician drives home her main point, namely, that courageous freedom seekers like herself and many other Afghans are now going to pay the “price of Western hypocrisy and abandonment” – and all of that thanks to the betrayal of the Biden administration.

Her conclusions sound ominous: the abandonment of Afghanistan “will come back to haunt” the West, and she explicitly calls Biden’s decision to withdraw “utterly irresponsible” – which is to say the least.

“Shame on” the West, she states, “for playing with our lives” and with Afghans’ human rights.

Barakzai cannot be more right.

Yet, there is one crucial point she misses in her moving article – not because she isn’t aware of it, probably, but because it is off-topic for right now.

Afghan women are in hell. Western women are getting there

But the fact of the matter is that it isn’t just Afghan women who are getting desperate over the betrayal of the West – a West conquered by radical leftist Marxists, that is to say.

Western women are themselves being increasingly deluded, marginalized, and then abandoned by radical Marxism – as they are nothing but pawns in its perverse power play.

Subject first to the brainwashing of radical feminism, stripped of their natural roles with the role of motherhood in a Western society increasingly denigrated, and now exposed in full to the excesses of transgenderism – with biological males claiming to be women flashing their penises at them in spas, beating them in sports in female athletics, and raping them as cellmates in transgenderist prisons.

Afghan women are facing immediate horrors under the rule of the radical Islamists – but Western women are in for a long ride of other horrific developments to suffer at the hands of the radical leftists wishing to utterly destroy the West.