Horrendous radical leftist Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who is already notorious for being rabidly anti-American, married her own brother Ahmed Elmi, a DNA test proves showing the two to be a 99.99% match as full siblings.

There have been claims and reports before that Omar married her brother in order to bypass US immigration laws, and they now appear to have been fully justified through the DNA test – which seems to have been carried out by a little known conservative group.

The DNA testing result has now revealed the greatest monstrosity committed by Omar, who considers the United States and Israel to be terrorists.

99.999998% probability Omar married her own brother

The DNA test report was drafted by Endeavor DNA Laboratories, and shows a 99.999998% probability Ilhan Omar and Ahmed Elmi, her second husband, are siblings.

The report does not mention Omar or Elmi, and the two are only referred to as “Sibling 1” and “Sibling 2.”

According The Daily Mail, Omar is Sibling 1.

The DNA test report makes it clear that the DNA sample for Sibling 1 came from a cigarette butt, and the one for Sibling 2 – from a drinking straw.

Even though Omar is not publicly known to be a smoker but a picture now surfaced together with the DNA report shows her outside her home in Washington, DC with a cigarette butt in her mouth.

The DNA test result proving that Ilhan Omar and her second husband Ahmed Elmi are sister and brother was published online by Republican strategist Anton Lazzaro, from Minneapolis, which is also Omar’s hometown.

Just 12 hours after the post, Lazzaro got arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking allowing Omar’s camp to use that to discredit the report.

According to The Daily Mail, however, it appears that the DNA test, the cigarette smoking photo and other materials may be part of a broader investigation by a “shadowy Republican group”, which may have been planning to release within a few days a full report on the Omar’s deceitful marriage to her own brother.

Take a load of this: Ilhan Omar’s crazy love and marriage life

America hater Ilhan Omar, who came to the United States as a Somali refugee, as her family got refugee status in 1995, has a very complicated and seemingly disgusting marriage history – all the more so now that she has been proven to have married her brother.

So much so that her marriage and love life history might be too overwhelming even for the script writers of Latin American or Turkish soap operas.

In 2002, at age 20, Omar had an “unofficial Islamic marriage” – whatever the hell that is – to Ahmed Hirsi.

They had two children, and a “faith-based” divorce in 2008.

The next year, 2009, Omar married as it turns out her own brother Ahmed Elmi, described as a British Somali.

On top of all, the wedding of the two Muslims was performed by an obscure female Christian minister.

Then in 2011, she and her brother Elmi had another “faith-based divorce” (cool, right?), she reconciled with Hirsi and gave birth to a third child in 2012.

Omar and her brother Elmi also had a “legal divorce” in 2017 – apparently she was with Hirsi, the father of her three children, much of the time of the 8-year-long marriage to her brother Elmi.

Then in 2018 she “legally married” Hirsi, and in 2019 “legally divorced” him.

Barely six months later, in 2020, Ilhan Omar married her own political consultant Tim Mynett, whose firm received millions in contracts from Omar’s campaign that year.

Revelations seem undermined by leaker

As the surfacing of the DNA report shows Omar was married to her own brother, The Daily Mail report notes that it is unknown exactly what relationship 30-year-old Republican strategist Anton Lazzaro had to the little-known Republican group who investigated the Somali sibling’s marriage.

In fact, Lazzaro might have undermined the group’s investigation efforts – with Omar’s aides rushing to use his arrest to discredit the revelations into the radical leftist congresswoman’s love and marriage affairs.

Jeremy Slevin, Omar’s spokesman, already said in a statement that the DNA report was posted on a “fraudulent website” set up by a person charged with “child sex trafficking and lying” to the federal authorities.

For years there have been rumors that Omar married her brother Elmi, a British citizen, so that he could go to college in the US, and also escape some bad circles that he was involved within the UK.

Just like her, he attended North Dakota State University.

According to Lazzaro’s website, Omar committed “a crime of convenience” and is a person “with extremely poor ethics.”

For the time being, it remains unknown whether the revelation that Ilhan Omar married her own brother would have any legal or political consequences for her – but the mainstream liberal leftist media are, of course, censoring the story.