Caitlyn Jenner, who is among several Republican candidates to unseat California’s catastrophic Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in the September 14 recall election, has called for urgent competition of the wall on the US – Mexican border in order to stem illegal immigration and boost America’s national security.

Jenner, deemed the most famous transgender woman in the world – male-born star athlete Bruce Jenner, a gold medalist from the 1976 Montreal Olympics, has about 12% voter support, according to polls, compared with 34% for the Republican frontrunner, conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder.

On Friday, exactly a month before the recall vote, Jenner spoke strongly on the urgent need to crack down on spiking illegal immigration as she made a campaign stop at the border, the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, near San Diego.

“We need to secure” the border, Jenner tweeted vowing to meet all needs of border patrol and law enforcement if she becomes the next governor of California.

Californians have to “secure this border,” she said, adding “whatever it takes,” as she was touring the area with border authorities.

Jenner also spoke of the great GOP competition in the recall election, as she isn’t even among the top four Republican candidates to replace Gavin Newsom.

The California Republican Party recently decided that it is not going to choose any of the candidates and call for them to be supported so as to avoid alienating any GOP voters if their favorite isn’t selected – just because of the sheer fact that there are several popular Republican bidders in the race.

Jenner has made it clear that she doesn’t feel deterred by trailing the frontrunners – she just noted that she’d races all her life, and has won a lot of them.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate lambasted Democrat Gavin Newsom for never having been to the border since he became Governor of California back in March 2019 – although back then, after taking office, he reportedly was with San Diego’s leadership close to the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Other than that, Jenner apparently felt compelled to state the obvious fact that “borders do work,” a simple truth that is lost to liberal leftists – or perhaps the radicalizing leadership of the Democratic Party is deliberately pretending to be forgetting that in order to stimulate illegal immigration in tremendous numbers – so far very successfully.

Jenner then sought to clarify that she is for “legal immigration” because of the value that immigrants add to American society.

On Friday, she posted a video on Twitter showing illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexican border with the message that “we have to finish the wall.”

The election to recall California’s highly conceited and just as incompetent governor Gavin Newsom is scheduled for September 14.

In the recall vote, California voters will be asked two questions: first, if they wish Newsom to be removed from office, and, second, who they think would be the best choice to replace him.

If the first question gets more than 50% of the answers saying “yes”, then the next governor of California will be the candidate picked the most times in the answer to the second question.

Besides frontrunner Larry Elder, the other top Republican candidates to replace Newsom include businessman John Cox, the candidate who lost to Newsom in 2018; Kevin Faulconer, a former Mayor of San Diego; Kevin Kiley, a former member of the state Assembly; and Doug Ose, a former member of the US House of Representatives.