After former President Barack Obama thought it was a good idea in the middle of a devastating pandemic to throw a crowded elitist birthday party with hundreds of people dancing maskless in his luxury mansion Martha’s Vineyard Island, the number of COVID-19 infections has spiked – big surprise!

A no-brainer

A total of 74 people on the Massachusetts island have been infected with COVID-19 in the week since Obama’s pretentious 60th birthday bash brought together hundreds of Hollywood actors, singers, and other celebrities.

The luxury resort island located only 4 miles off the coast of mainland Massachusetts has a permanent population of about 17,000 people, although that number can swell tremendously in the summer.

The Obama “afterparty” weekly number of new coronavirus infections is the highest on Martha’s Island since April, The Daily Mail reported.

The report does cite local health officials as refusing to corroborate that the increased number of infections was caused by the Obama celebration, stating instead that it is “still too early” to know for sure.

According to Maura Valley, a spokeswoman for Tisbury boards of health and health agent, for the time being, they are “not aware” of cases that can be linked directly to the Obama party, and the only way this could be established at the present stage would be “through comprehensive contact tracing.”

It’s not as though anybody could be expected to say anything different presently even if the link between the COVID-19 surge on Martha’s Vineyard Island and Obama’s extravagant birthday bash seems like a no-brainer.

Luxurious, elitist superspreader

Eventually, however, a potential coronavirus outbreak on the island sparked by the party could be measured more easily but the vast majority of the former Democrat president’s celebrity guests flew in from all around the country – so as a potential superspreader event, Obama’s 60th could have far direr consequences.

There were hundreds of guests who danced maskless, ate, and drank in Obama’s mansion in Edgartown but many of them were there even earlier and some stayed after the party.

The luxurious bash itself was on Saturday, and there was a beach brunch on Sunday at Beach Road restaurant.

Martha’s Vineyard – just like the rest of the United States – was already seeing growth in the number of coronavirus cases – but that didn’t stop Obama from going ahead and throwing his celebration – as though nothing else in the world matter.

The Massachusetts island saw 48 cases in the week prior to Obama’s party, which was double the number from the week before that.

Even though to save face, Obama announced that the party was “scaled back,” at least 300-400 people still showed up to celebrate with him.

Many of the celebrity guests, flying in by private jets, actually stayed in Edgartown, which is precisely the epicenter of the island’s new COVID surge.

In the week since the lavish bash, the number of coronavirus infections on Martha’s Vineyard has been growing by the day, with 7 cases on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 13 on Wednesday, 18 on Thursday, and 20 on Friday.

Regardless of how much wealthy liberal leftists claim to care for the people and preach about COVID mandates, masks, and vaccines – they clearly consider themselves to be above it all, plain and simple.