29-year-old policewoman Ella French lost her life in the line of duty last Saturday as she was serving the residents of Chicago and the citizens of the United States in the face of spiking gang violence empowered by incompetent and corrupt officials.

Slain police officer Ella who?

Evidently, in order to posthumously thank Ella French for her service, Chicago’s wokeist anti-white Mayor Lori Lightfoot and top law enforcement officials have committed a series of stupefying blunders, whether by accident or on purpose, in essence making a vicious mockery out of the sacrifice of the slain policewoman.

Both the mayor and Chicago PD Superintendent David Brown have mispronounced Ella French’s name now that she is no longer among the living.

On Thursday night, Lori Lightfoot named her “Ella Franks”, while earlier this week Brown called her “Ella Fitzgerald”, and not once but twice.

The mind boggles as to just how hard it is for these supposedly smart high-ranking officials to remember the rather simple sounding name of this brave officer who has become the first policewoman to have been killed in the line of duty in Chicago in 33 years.

French and her partner were shot last weekend during a routine traffic stop, with two suspects, brothers Emonte Morgan and Eric Morgan, both in their early 20s, already in custody.

The suspected triggerman, Emonte Morgan, was also shot in the shootout and hospitalized for treatment.

The numerous cases of mispronouncing of Ella French’s name by Chicago’s top officials has come after last week’s horrendous treatment of the young policewoman’s remains.

As her body was being transported from the hospital to the morgue, police officers wanted to give her an honor bagpipe procession and line the streets.

However, they were forbidden by Eric Carter, the First Deputy Police Superintendent, who said that the police didn‘t “have 20 minutes for this s***,” sending the ambulance right to the office of the medical examiner.

When that night, Chicago’s wokeist Mayor Lightfoot came to the hospital to express support for French’s family and the family of her wounded partner saw police officers still present turned their backs on her.

According to reports, the mayor actually had to force her way into the building.

Why not accuse police wanting an honor guard of ‘hijacking’ killed officer’s body?

To make matters worse, on Wednesday, Lightfoot staged a news conference denying those reports, while blaming the police officers who wanted to honor Ella French that they were “hijacking” the night and preventing her family from seeing her body before the autopsy.

She argued that the police leadership made correctly a call to “focus” on the family, referring to the prohibition of the honor procession.

She defended First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter – the same person who called the honor guard “s***” – and had the cheek to state that she was “horrified” by people “trying to savage him.”

Then the very wokeist mayor herself went on a rant about how people engage in “nasty, vicious talk” – never mind that she has been doing precisely that herself, especially by demonstrating repeatedly anti-white racism.

With the actual mayor of what once was one of the greatest American cities being a passionate anti-white racist, wokeist, and Marxist, there is little hope that Chicago’s residents will see relief from the gangland violence that has gripped it and is now even killing police officers.