Sleepy Joe Biden keeps waking up to blurt out some totally cheeky nonsense – or when he doesn’t, his aides do that for him.

Whichever might have been the case, the White House has spewed on Biden’s behalf an unbelievably impudent statement in which its Democrat occupant is blaming his utter disaster with the Afghanistan pullout on President Donald Trump.

When you got America into a tremendous debacle, just blame it on Trump

After the United States has been making slow and really hard progress against the war on terror in Afghanistan for 20 years, for the 20th anniversary since 9/11 Biden appears to have decided to hand the radical Islamist Taliban a great present – total control of Afghanistan.

With Biden’s horrendously botched pullout not even completed yet, the Taliban has practically reconquered the entire country save for the capital Kabul and a few other enclaves.

As the Biden administration and the Democratic Party increasingly seem to be dominated by leftist radicals, these seem almost as though they are rejoicing at the thought of their fellow radicals, the Islamist Taliban, are getting back in control.

Of course, that alone is humiliating enough for America but it might also become life-threatening as the Taliban will likely host once again al-Qaeda, and possibly this time also ISIS.

That is why, finally with some criticism mounting even from within his own party, Biden on Saturday put out a statement arguing that it was Donald Trump who left the Taliban “in the strongest military position since 2001.”

Seeking to justify his unjustifiable decision to withdraw America from Afghanistan in the most botched way possible, Biden argued further that he inherited a deal with the Taliban “cut by my predecessor.”

He further pointed out that before leaving the White House, President Donald Trump had reduced the US forces in Afghanistan to “a bare minimum of 2,500.”

Biden argued his choice was to remove the US troops quickly as per “the deal”, or “ramp up our presence” and once again send American forces to fight “in another country’s civil conflict.”

Missing the big point again and again

That is, of course, completely misleading– and not just the part where Sleepy Joe blames President Trump – because if Afghanistan was purely a case of a civil war, America would’ve never gone in there in the first place.

The blatantly obvious point here is that when the Taliban were in control, they gave the country as a base to al-Qaeda – and as a result, the United States was attacked and struck in its heart. And that might as well happen again.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Taliban reached the gates of Kabul but didn’t attack the city brazenly declaring that they are waiting for “a peaceful transfer of power,” according to Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen, who gave an interview for the BBC.

He added that the Taliban is expecting the effortless power grab “in a matter of days.” Biden’s pathetic Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, on Sunday also washed his hands with Trump, telling CNN that there was an agreement that US troops would retreat on May 1.

He added that US adversaries would have been glad to see America remain tied in Afghanistan for “another decade.”

Once again, the point the Biden administration is missing is precise that “US adversaries” – or enemies – will now once again use Afghanistan’s Taliban as a launching pad against the United States, not to mention the fabulous propaganda victory they will make of the Taliban reconquest.