It’s barely surprising by now that Nazi-Communist thugs from Antifa are going around American cities and terrorizing anyone who isn’t part of them – with their latest brazen assault targeting a group of anti-mask protesters in Los Angeles.

Unlike many recent cases, however, this time the victims of Antifa’s charges not only fought back but managed to kick the a** of the leftist Nazi thugs, who, like any bully, appeared to have been taken aback by the resistance and the decisive counter-attack.

Fighting back with bravery and resolve

Multiple people were injured in the violent skirmishes outside LA City Hall on Saturday afternoon in a grim demonstration of what life in America is becoming due to the growing imposition on the American people of evil and deceptive extremism of leftist Marxism, wokeism, and transgenderism – and American patriots cannot be blamed for reacting strongly to Antifa’s terror.

The controversies surrounding the mask and vaccine mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic have added another layer of resent as they seem to be utilized by Democrat rulers on the federal, state, and local levels to further cower the American public into submission and encroach and even destroy Americans’ freedoms.

Videos shared on Twitter by journalist Andy Ngo and videographer Sean Carmitchel captured much of Saturday’s clashes before the Los Angeles City Hall, with Antifa clearly provoking the violence, as always.

Brazen Antifa criminals can be seen charging into the crowd of anti-mask protesters, only to be knocked down and pummeled by brave men resisting the attacks.

Scared out of their minds, the fully masked, black-clad Antifa cowers retreat quick with their Marxist tails between their legs.

After Antifa retreated to escape the resolute pushback from the anti-mask protesters, many of who were wearing American flags and symbols indicating support of President Donald Trump, the LA riot police showed up and took positions between the two groups.

Quite tellingly, the police stood facing Antifa, rather than the anti-mask protesters, well-aware of who the truly bloodthirsty bullies are – as the far-left Nazis are well-known to have been attacking police forces.

‘F*** Antifa!’

With the police cordon as a buffer between the two groups, the anti-mask demonstrators could be heard chanting, “Fuck Antifa!”

Earlier this week, a Twitter account linked to Antifa in LA posted a lying propaganda poster claiming that “anti-vaxxers” have been “attacking innocent bystanders” – which, as the latest videos once again corroborate, is a complete lie.

In the poster, they also called for their thugs to harass the upcoming rally of the anti-mask protesters.

Unfortunately, one man was stabbed and seriously injured in the violence caused by Antifa.

He was seen in media photos and videos lying on the ground surrounded by police officers giving him first aid, but there has been no information which of the two groups he belonged to and how exactly he got stabbed.

The LAPD confirmed the stabbing incident on Twitter, saying it is “aware of one male that was stabbed,” and added that he was being treated by LAFD.

The police also said it is investigating the skirmishes, and that they have made no arrests for the time being.

Antifa’s thirst for blood is well-known as the arrogant leftist Nazi extremists are against anybody expressing their free will – except for themselves, who invariably do so through violent means.

They have been assaulting Americans’ rights and liberties, showing up to every rally countering their agenda, and viciously beating peaceful demonstrators.

Well, at least this time, the protesters fought back and thought Antifa in LA a lesson.