Ashraf Ghani, the disgraced president of Afghanistan, who fled the country on Sunday dooming the Afghan government to total collapse, in the face of the advancing Taliban actually escaped with a mountain of cash, according to the Russian embassy in Kabul.

Cowardly escape but caused by Joe Biden

Ghani, a former professor of anthropology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has been president of Afghanistan since 2014.

His daughter, one of his two children, Mariam Ghani is an American visual artist, filmmaker, and activist.

As Afghanistan was completely abandoned by Democrat President Joe Biden – even though it was clear that the Afghan government and military couldn’t stand up to the Taliban on their own, on Sunday Ghani fled Kabul and the country just as the radical Islamists were breaching unopposed into the city.

In a deplorable Facebook post, Ghani said he had fled to avoid greater bloodshed but didn’t reveal where he went.

His whereabouts remain unknown but reports say he had flown to either Tajikistan or Uzbekistan, the former Soviet republicans to the north bordering Afghanistan.

Al Jazeera, a TV network with well-known connections to Islamist terrorists, cited his personal bodyguard as saying that Ghani fled to the latter country.

Fleeing with a mountain of cash?

On Monday, a spokesman of Russia’s embassy in Kabul, Nikita Ishchenko, revealed Ghani took off with a huge amount of money.

According to Ishchenko, the Afghan president’s escape is the “most eloquent” characterization of the collapse of Afghanistan’s government.

The Russian diplomat said Ghani and his entourage had “four cars” and a helicopter “full of money.”

Part of the money had to be left behind “lying on the tarmac” because it wouldn’t fit in the helicopter.

Ischenko said his information came from “witnesses.”

He was quoted about the cash mountain by Russian state news agency RIA, and later confirmed them to Reuters, which said it couldn’t independently corroborate his account.

Russia’s government has made it clear it will seek to retain a diplomatic presence in Kabul and develop ties with the Taliban without rushing to recognize them officially.

Earlier Zamir Kabulov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy for Afghanistan, stated it remained unclear how much money has been taken away by the fleeing government.

He told the Ekho Moskvy radio station he hoped Ghani and his aides didn’t “take all the money from the state budget” since whatever is left would become the bedrock of the new budget under the Taliban.

72-year-old Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s escape has widely been deemed cowardly – although the real blame for Afghanistan’s collapse lies with Joe Biden and his leftist administration.