Having just presided over as well as orchestrated the loss of America’s 20-year-long war against the radical Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden demonstrated his unbelievable incompetence and/or dishonesty not just to all Americans – he laid them bare for the entire world to behold while humiliating the greatest power the world has ever known.

The Taliban have reconquered Afghanistan practically in a single week, or, even worse, in a single day – Sunday, August 15, a month before the 20th anniversary since the 9/11 terrorist attacks that they enabled by hosting al-Qaeda, and a good two weeks ahead of Biden’s own deadline for America’s withdrawal.

No circumstance that’d happen, Sleepy Joe told America recently

The fact that the Afghan government collapsed in no time and the Afghan military has been fleeing from the Taliban is little wonder considering the Biden administration abandoned them while being clearly aware of their fragility.

What is particularly striking, however, is that barely five weeks ago, on July 8, at a press conference Biden declared confidently that there would be “no circumstance” in which people – i.e. US diplomatic personnel would have to be “lifted off the roof” of the American embassy in Kabul with helicopters.

And we now know that this is precisely what has just happened – Biden brought us to another Saigon rooftop rescue – just like the 1975 humiliation at the end of the Vietnam War.

During that same press conference, the horrendous Democrat occupant of the White House insisted that the United States isn’t going to succumb to the Taliban after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Back then a reporter asked the supposed “Leader” of the Free World whether it was inevitable that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban.

“No, it is not,” an apparently temporarily conscious but still delusional Biden responded.

“It is not inevitable,” Sleepy Joe insisted, adding that the 300,000-strong Afghan military with its own air force was as “well equipped” as any army in the world and that it was pitted against “something like 75,000 Taliban.”

While those might have been the figures on paper, the Biden administration should’ve been well aware of the levels of fighting morale in each side.

Straightening the Biden narrative of blaming Trump

Whether or not Sleepy Joe and his cohort were aware of that most decisive of factors – against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s situation, that is – or whether America’s retreat was executed because radical leftist wokeist Marxists have completely overtaken the US government and just wish ill to the United States – the fact of the matter is the Afghanistan fiasco 20 years after 9/11 is going to come back and bite America big time.

Of course, Biden has no dignity whatsoever since, instead of owning up to the devastating mistake that he just made on America’s behalf, his petty soul – and those of his aides such as his pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken – are blaming the current situation on President Donald Trump.

A statement his office put out on Saturday, which was echoed on Sunday by Blinken in a TV interview, has straightened the Biden narrative about the second Vietnam humiliation in Afghanistan: Trump cut a deal with the Taliban, he had reduced the US forces in the country, there was nothing else we could do.

Would Trump have abandoned Afghanistan had he been aware that the collapse of the Afghan government was very, very likely?

Hardly anybody thinks so.

It’s crucial to note that the Biden administration appears to be markedly worse, far more wokeist, Marxist, and delusional than even that of his ex-boss Barack Obama in which he played No. 2.

Even Obama didn’t dare “pull a Biden” on Afghanistan the way Biden did it.

Now reports even in the mainstream media that are leftist propaganda machines are saying that the defeat will come back to haunt him.

What does that matter?

The greatest problem is that it will come back to haunt the United States, and will do so in full force.